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Glove last longer

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    Reading through some great suggestions and with a greater understanding of the #'s...with consideration of proper sizing,  'proper' grip and grip pressure, in combination with type of material of grips already in place.  I am going to begin the rotation of gloves to improve the life of my gloves.  Thank you all!


    I usually wear one glove until it doesn't fit any longer.  Depending on my summer this might mean 6-8 rounds it might mean far more (or less).

    I try to rotate gloves, but frequently forget :(   I find the Sciflex's are my favorite.  I loved the PTL I had but since I play with my wedding ring on, I began to wear through the glove at the wedding ring within my first two rounds.

    As mentioned a BIG factor in wear is fit, way too many people wear a loose fitting glove.  It took me about 15 years to realize I needed to go back one size in gloves to have the proper fit.

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    This video never hurts in this topic: www.youtube.com/watch


    19holeAs did I Randy...

    Let's do some math on this one. According to Maria B @ FJ, the average glove life is between 5-7 rounds. On the surface this seems be be a very short life. But if the "average" played shots 85, and 30 of those shots are putts, that leaves us with 55 full shots per round. If the player then takes 2 rehearsal swings for every shot, that is another 110 swings. Add to this the 30-50 balls that are hit before the round and maybe half that number of rehearsal swings on the practice tee, you end up with around 240 swings with your glove on per round. Take this times 7 rounds and you are up to 1680 full swings with you glove. This is quite a bit of play for one poor little glove. Also consider that most of us do not take care to put our gloves back in the container, we just roll them up and stuff them in our bags, which also shortens the life of the glove.

    For those of us that play or practice every day during the season. this turns into a lot of gloves. I personally play the PTL and can get pretty much 8-10 rounds out of one, including per round warmup. I use "almost spent" gloves for dedicated range session days.

    If in the two weeks that people are wearing out thier gloves they only play 4 rounds of golf and do not spend time on the practice tee, I would say that they need to looks at a few things:

    1) Is the grip pressure to high?

    2) Full cord grips?

    3) Does the glove fit properly? I would bet this is the most common cause, most people do not wear the right size glove. Just ask the guys ay FJ!

    My head is spinning Rick...way too many numbers to be reading at 11:30pm at night...thanks for the info though....I've never put that much thought into the life of a glove...I do however keep my older ones for practice which I think is a fantastic idea!!!

    Rick also stays at Holiday Inn Express when he travels!


    Not really, I am more of a 4 Seasons / Ritz-Carlton kind of guy!


    Not really, I am more of a 4 Seasons / Ritz-Carlton kind of guy!

    But of course you are!


    FJ gloves are all very durable. There are various factors that affect life, such as are how stable your grip is during the swing, how solid you strike the ball (mis-hits cause the club to twist in your hand),  how much you perspire (sweat) and what grip you use. For example, the Golf Pride Tour Wrap is very easy on gloves whereas cord grips can chew them up very quickly. I've used the Tour Wrap grips for years and get long life from my gloves.

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    I don't know about every 2 weeks but I have huge hands and I get lots of life out of my GTextreme and I wear a size 18 ring finger so my hands look like a pack of hot dogs and I get months out of mine.


    I couldn't agree with you more, Mr. bluezman (can't help but find a nice down beat to that line...)

    FootJoy's GTxtreme golf glove are made so durable that I literally had one that lasted me "two months!" already!  Yes, sir!  I just picked one up again a week ago because the first one I had were pretty brown from being used.

    In addition, there is a thread about washing gloves on this site:  "How to Wash your Glove"


    I tried these same technique with the GTxtreme and it came back to almost its original color and conditions.  (no joke)  After washing, I noticed very little wear along the usual areas normal wear.

    For my testing and experiment, I'll be using the first GTxtreme glove that I bought in the winter.  (I wish I kept my receipt to show all).

    Anyway, my frequency of playing golf are 3 to 4 rounds on weekends, which are two rounds on each Saturday and Sundays, and occasionally a round or two on the weekdays.  Also, when I'm only in for three rounds on weekends, I'm usually at the range for hours.  Our range balls are part of our club fees, so needless to say I hit plenty of balls.

    My point is that the GTxtremes are more than just impressive when durability is questioned.  I hope to post a picture of those two gloves, side by side.