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FJ at the Olympics again


    Those of us who have been here a while know that athletes in other sports wear FJ gloves. The most notable, I would guess, was Apollo Anton Ohno 4 years ago -- and there were a lot of them on the ice oval this year, too We've seen cyclists and trap shooters, too, as Devin mentioned in this post from a couple years ago: http://www.footjoy.com/community/blog/b/footjoy/archive/2012/08/08/fj-at-the-olympics.aspx

    So I'm watching the Honda Classic today, and Jim Nantz and Johnny Miller cut to Steve Sands, who covered Olympic speed skating for NBC. They show a clip of one of the skaters wearing a FJ black glove (maybe a Euro version of the WinterSof) and it's like the first time they've seen it. 

    Not saying we're always a step ahead of the play-by-play guys, but . . . .


    Johnny Miller is always a mile or two behind. I saw the piece it was cool. I like that people use the gloves for other activities

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    Footjoy everywhere!!!!  Great products


    My son and I wear the R hand RainGrip gloves (Baseball mitts are on the L hand) while we work on baseball skills ..throwing and fielding. They don't hold up as batting gloves.


    Just curious, but with a bit of cross over into other sports has Foot Joy ever measured this and isthere enough traction to warrant advertising directly to these communities? I am guessing that even if all of the speed skaters wore FJ gloves, we still wouldn't see a meaningful bump in sales....


    That's great, I was unaware of this!  It's always great to see FJ represented