New FJ Gloves

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    Loved these when I saw them. They are not coming out in lefty though....Which sucks !

    False... They are indeed

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    Those look sweet.

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    Go with the apparel. Lot more options.

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    Great colors!!! love the Orange and Green


    I think I will be adding a couple to my bag. I am sure I will stay with white for my primary color of glove.


    Ok with the new colored gloves what is the guideline for matching-- do you color match  your shoe color (or accent color in shoes), your shirt?  FJ fashionistas what say you?

    I would think that given the distance away from your feet that a glove could be either the primary/accent colour of your shoes. Regarding your shirt, except for a black on black look, I would think that accent colour in your shirt would be ideal.  Will be great to see some examples once the FJA guys get 'em.