FJ needs an improvement.

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    Thanks for sharing this video Devin, it was very helpful.


    Tyler and Zach Johnson have a similar problem when it comes to gloves... :-)  Sorry couldn't resist

    It's called "custom made" Justin. :-)


    So many good answers here that is hard to contribute.... *** these Ambasadors are good!


    I actually had the fit revelation earlier this season.  It was time to replace my glove (I usually pick up a handful so I'm ready to swap when necessary).  I grabbed a stasoft and didn't realize it was ML instead of L.  Put it on at the course and thought "MAN is this tight".  But it wasn't so tight that I couldn't use it (and unlike previous times this was the only glove I had handy).  By the end of the round it fit beautifully and the feel was MUCH better.  Going down a size made a HUGE difference for me.


    Most golf shops have a FJ glove fitting system.  It consists of a strap and pin, along with a fitting board.  Try it yourself one day and you may be surprised.  At the FJA Invitational II last year, we were fortunate enough to meet the FJ glove team.  They gave us lots of great information on the glove and particularly sizing.  19Hole probably gives the most important answer - the expected life of the glove.  Most people think that they should last a season (or at least much longer than they are actually intended) and become frustrated.  If the glove is not properly sized, it will impact the life of the glove...


    I hope you found a solution to the issue. I too think it is a size problem & not a product problem. Let us know if you get the problem fixed


    showerThe thumb of the glove is twisted a lot. Even the seam line comes to the bottom of the thumb. It bothers the grip. Unless you improve this problem, I have to choose other gloves.  

    If you are experiencing this problem chances are the glove is too big on your hand. Most golfers, probably 8 out of 10, wear a glove that is way to big for their hand.  I would explain how a glove should fit but this video does a much better job.  

    Also which model are you referring to? Is it one of our latest iterations of FJ gloves?

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    After watching the video I realized I have been wearing a glove that is the wrong size. The appropriate size golf gives me a better grip and greater feel.

    Thanks DG!


    It's crazy.  You actually want your gloves to fit like Devin's jeans.  We got fitted at the New England FJA and a properly fitted glove makes a world of difference.  They don't wear out as quickly and they're also more comfortable (once you get used to it).  Thanks for sharing Devo ;-)

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    can't go wrong with FJ gloves. just be sure to get the right fit.  this is the first time i've seen this video but it was right on point.

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    love the video -- thanks for sharing.  Heading to the pro shop now to get a few new gloves!!!