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Play vs Practice


    I use the same glove and keep a bunch in my bag so I always practice/play with the same!  (except for my recent use of a PTL)



    TNT009.... Just stop wearing a glove! I can not endorse this!

    The other day I was hitting 4 irons without a glove in our simulator, I averaged 200 to 204 distanceY ) ***not good for me), with a pretty wild dispersion.

    Put a glove on and it turned that crooked 200 into a consistently drawing 213-215.  If you are not connected to the ground or to the club you will not play your best golf!

    Captain Devo, make sure you bring your gloves next week. We're expecting the 215 yard 4 iron from you. :-)

    Yeah Devin, that draw is going to pick up another ten years...wish I could hit a 4 iron 200 yards.....at 67 I'm good with 180-190....and I usually don't carry one.......opt for four wedges on shorter courses....have a  910H 19 and 913H 17 degree.....do have a 20 yard void in my long game but have learned to live with it....to be a rubberback.......and I alway wear a StaSoft......even when I putt.....consistency in feel............works for me........cz  : )

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    PTL's all the way...

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    Like to use the same glove all the time.  Consistency is the name of the game.

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    I'll use an old glove for practice and keep the newY ) ***er) one for rounds. I retire the rounds one either when the practice one is no longer fit to be used or if I feel like breaking out a new one. Wouldn't want to use two different types though. I tried the Titleist player once but didn't care for it and went back to the weathersof