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    It's that time of the season again, time for a new glove. I've used many different brands of gloves, but I'm yet to try a FootJoy glove. Any suggestions?

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    I'm a huge fan of the GTxtreme myself...Great fitting glove and very durable!


    My preference is the StaSof glove. I prefer leather gloves vs synthetic. The leather seems to be more durable. I keep 3 gloves and rotate them through every third round.

    I can't speak to any other gloves other than FJ.

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    Depends on what you're looking for, Gabreeze (that like Georgia Breeze? Im from GA...) If you're looking for a great, durable and soft leather/combo glove at a great price, look no further than the SofJoy or SciFlex models. If you want a full leather glove: StaSof or PureTouch. If synthetic is your thing: WeatherSof (amazing price!)


    StaSof is good.  I like it.

    They're having a sale now at Budget Golf for $11.96:



    Sciflex for me.  I find on ebay I can usually get 3packs for 30 bucks or less


    No doubt. Sciflex.

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    I prefer StaSof. I'm puzzled: how can you play golf, have tried many gloves, but never tried FootJoy, the best selling, best gloves out there?

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    GTxtreme (best gripping glove out there).  If you want a softer feel I would go with StaSof.  Love and use both.


    The FJ glove range is a bit like their shoe range in that there are a lot of different styles.

    Give any of them a try and you will definitely not be disappointed.

    I personally love the fit and fee of the Sciflex and have returned back to that glove after a stint using Pure Touch Limited.


    Sci Flex...great glove.  Wears well.   FJ has many to choose from.  you won't know til you try them all.

    Good Luck with your selection.


    Pure Touch is by far, the finest leather glove that FJ makes.  Having said that, the StaSof is a grew glove that will not disappoint.  Fine feel and durability.


    StaSof in cooler months, but for the Texas heat, SciFlex. The moisture wicking feature of the SciFlex keeps my glove from getting soaked in sweat. It's finally time to break them out this year.