FJ GTxtreme Glove

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    Just curious, in the future can FJ make the magnetic ball marker a little more heavier.  It's a really nice ball marker but it rolls away when playing in windy conditions.



    This is certainly the first time I have heard this!

    I will forward to our Product Development team.


    That is interesting.  Have played in some real hurricanes lately and the FJ mark I use has never moved.  Maybe a dab of lead tape to hold it down.


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    Ive never had mine move either, and the glove is GREAT!


    What? Never experienced this at all....

    Perhaps you need to use a small manhole cover or something more substantive. Or move where conditions are more friendly to the golfer.

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    Thanks for feedback...don't get me wrong, the glove performs great...maybe the greens weren't mowed I don't know but it was really windy when I played with it and the strong wind would either push it around or have it flipped around.  I'll def try some lead tape.  Good idea.  Or if I can find a small enough manhole cover I'll try

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    If you look at the full line of FJ gloves, it seems as if the ball marker is the same in circumference and weight. I don't know if this is a cost cutting technique or what. It just seems adding weight to a glove is never a good idea, even if it is a few grams...

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    I know the marker on the glove is a bit smaller than my other ball markers.  I have a Titleist one that I use all the time and it won't fit in the glove and neither will some other ones I have.  Not sure if this has anything to do with your problem.