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    Just love to ask these questions.

    Now I know some of you play much more than others and I dare say some have much more substantial wardrobes than others but how many shirts in your current circulation?

    Hokies gave me some absolutley ridiculous number a few weeks ago but would love to know how the rest of you roll. Do you replace old with new, accumulate to plan, accumulate on whim, wait for bithdays, whatever .. please let me know.

    I've currently got 25 in golf exclusive circulation (not necessarily FJ) which really is more that I could possibly ever wearout but somehow I find myself always looking around for something new   ...  but pretty sure I'm not alone in this ... that's a bit like the story in all aspects of golf ... always looking for something new!




    I currently have 15 FJ Polos and about 25 other brand polos for work and from outings.

    I also have 4 FJ tour short sleeve rain jackets,  2 long sleeve FJ tour rain jackets, 2 performance sweaters, 2 1/4 zip pullovers, 2 FJ tour rain pants.

    And 1 beautiful FJ backpack that I recieved for the HOI last year.


    But I only wear FJ while playing golf.





    Just counted 62 golf shirts, always want more. I am always looking for new shirts to add to the collection, but at this point they have to be a color I don't have or something special. A really good deal never hurts either. I keep them in the loop as long as they look as good as new. Then they go into the practice or range loop, I have another dozen in that category. Black shirts only last one or two seasons with all the sunlight we get here in San Diego, so I am always looking for a new black one. No special plan, whatever happens is kismet.


    I try not to keep shirts for a long time. Other than the FJ.

    Usually give some away every 6 months or so.





    I don't have an exact total, but my wife keeps telling me that if she stopped washing my golf shirts that I would have enough to play for the next 100 days and I still would not run out of clean shirts.


    I do know that I still have 6 new FJ lisle shirts that are new in the bags they came in.

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    Now I know what my wife was saying 54 currently in the rotation 19 current FJ and 3 FJ still waiting to be opened. I know I have enough but it just gets harder each time new ones come out.

    One FJ, but didn't really get into the FJ shirt line until long after I was golfing. Have to wear out 34 others first, those being PGA Tour brand that I have accumulated , mostly from family because at my age it is hard to buy things for Grandpa and golf shirts are the easy way out.


    It looks like I have about 30 golf shirts left after donating about 30, 3 weeks ago.  I have very few in rotation and they're shirts I bought for myself.  I can't stop folks from buying me birthday golf shirts, although the last one I got was a 2012 PGA Championship at Kiawah, it's nice, but not FJ.

    I'd like to start a collection like I've intended before as I retire/replace some to "range loop", (good idea golferdrmjr!)

    I own only 1 FJ shirt and only two are in order.  FJ shirts are so very special like many folks have reviewed and commented on here and I agree.


    Wow you guys rock the Dud's. I am more of a "live simply"  man. I wear out my clothes. I have 7 golf shirts but I wear for things other then golf as well.


    I have a closet full and an extra rack upstairs.  Ever since I tried a couple FJ shirts I won't get anything else for golf.  Wear the others for work or practice. It will take a long time to wear them out.

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    I have about 30 assorted polos from a bunch of companies. I donated about 30 when I moved recently. I buy on whim: Sales, New Designs, New Colors etc. I wear golf shirts most of the time, year round. When they no longer look newish, they get donated or tossed.

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    Definitely too many, but my choice to keep getting more!! Have about 15 FJ shirts for work and golf, a number of other brands mainly for work. Love really bright colors in the summer.

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    I have approx. 12 shirts maybe a few more. Not a single footjoy shirt though, not yet anyways.


     I was looking at my golf shirts last night. (ugh)  I own THE WORST COLLECTION!!!!

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    Too many yet not enough