#1 SHOE IN GOLF           #1 GLOVE IN GOLF


Another addition :-)


    I like it. good choice Justin.


    very sharp, I have the orange/slate one and love it


    Only way to make it better would be the FJ on collar, still great though!


    Love the color, Justin.  Very nice shirt.


    Justin,  why no collar logo?  Did you order it or just pick it up at your local shop?  Good choice, either way.


    Don't get me wrong I love the FJ on the collar for a few shirts but then they are relegated to on course for me.  Non-logo'd gear works well off course/in the office as well as on course.

    I'm partial to the FJ on the yoke that is standard and occasionally a golf course logo on the sleeve.  Too many, you look like a golf pro comments.  :-)  If I had Ric's job it'd be perfect!

    And yes I got it at my local course.  I've formed a great relationship with the Pro/GM and buy all my FJ gear through him now and it works well for both of us.  



    Great looking shirt Justin.  I like the pink pencil stripe...very sharp.  


    Tar HeelNo shoes to match?

    Not all of us can afford to match shoes to every shirt we own.   :)

    Nice looking shirt and 15 new shirts this year is impressive but guessing fifteen new pairs of shoes too would have had the ole plastic burning.