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Worst. Sweater. Ever (NOT FJ)



    I came across this men's sweater on a mannequin at the PGA Show. It is, in a word, awful. They wasted merino wool on a camouflage pattern? Really?

    We all know this isn't from classy and tasteful FootJoy's new apparel. Care to take a guess as to who is marketing this hot mess?

    Can you imagine the sweater with this pants ????... Bizarre isn't it?


    Wow, who makes those pants?



    Wow, who makes those pants?

    Loudmouth I supposed.

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    Now those pants are awesome. Wouldn't wear them to Church, work, golf, sleep, well anywhere really.

    Only Long John!

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    WOW. I agree someone at Ralph had to be smoking something strong when they came up with this one. I can only imagine the price tag that would come along with this piece.

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    Coining a phrase from Happy Gilmore...if I wore something like that I'd have to kick my own butt

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    Never been a fan of the camo stuff on the golf course. So ugly.