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    Here is a link to the article Win wrote. 


    Trust me there is far more to come from Ms. McMurry!


    Devin, you are killing me... so we have a teaser now and have to wait for photos til sometime this fall?  Cmon... any clues on timing of Win's photos hitting the public????  :-)



    If you order your shirts through a Country Club, they can request the FJ on the collar (Titleist on the sleeve etc.)


    Is there someone they can call for this.  My guys are telling me they can't get them.




    I just spoke to one of our Custom Customer Service Reps and they told me that you club should be able to order shirts with FJ on the collar (3 piece minimum).  You cannot get Titleist on the sleeve, that was a mistake on my part. 


    OH MAN!  That is exactly want I was wanting.  Oh well my Vokey and Scotty shirts will have to do.

    Devin, any chance we can get some spy shots of this clothing line since you broke my heart today?  :-)


    I am not sure how much detail I am allowed to go into.  Let's see what I can do.




    I hope that you guys are thinking of a MyJoys version of apparel.  Makes sense to me (maybe a little more limited in choices).  Perfect opportunity to offer the Tour FJ on the collar, maybe Team Titleist/FJ Ambassador logo options, Titleist Script (not the tour logo if that is for staff/pros only).  Collegiate options would be awesome to add as well.

    I think there is a market for the made to order semi custom apparel.  



    Can't wait to get one of these!!  LOVE the 1/4 zip sweaters and who doesn't love a nicely done argyle pattern?  :-)



    They are EXTREMELY warm, you could go skiing in them. 


    Interesting, I see the details are up on the FJ site now.  Assume you are adding the fall stuff now and some spring stuff in Jan.  I thought I heard pants and shorts are coming too.  

    Any plans for a lighter weight sweater too then?  Would love a lightweight one too if this one is like a parka!  :-)  Would be great to have some fashionable lightweight sweaters and sweater vests for early fall and late spring.  I live in Iowa so weather is all over the board.


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    Still don't understand why FJ doesn;t co-brand with Titleist on the apparel.  People love both brands - give them what they want. 


    Lousiville, I've asked the same thing on Team Titleist and here.  They co-brand on hats.  I can't imagine why they wouldn't co-brand some clothing too (not all).

    There must be a master plan at work!

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    Agreed!!  Can't wait myself.