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White Belt; In or Out?


    I see in the video post about the 2010-2011 FJ catalog a question was posed with regards to the white belt being in or out of fashion style. It was an interesting question, and I wasn't sure if Chris was just poking fun at his FJ sartorial colleagues or if it was a legit question.

    So I pose the question now to the esteemed FJ audience.... Is the white belt IN or OUT of fashion for you?

    I will put in my vote... it is clearly IN. I have always stated that any fashion expert will tell you that the belt MUST match the shoes without exception. So black with black, brown with brown, and white with white. If you have some splashy color shoes, like an asymetrical in a pastel (Brian Gay or Ian Poulter), then the belt could match that and be very stylish. But a black bely with white shoes is a huge fashion faux pas (are you listening TW?).

    What say you FJ team. And staffers... please jump in as well!


    Obviously, this is not a main line issue.  That said, I don't see a lot of white belts around the courses I play.  I think that's simply a matter of availability--not a lot of white belts in the stores--rather than a fashion statement.  You see more on the tours because the pros have access to what they (or their fashion advisors) want.  The common folk tend to stick with basic black, basic brown, and maybe a lighter brown for wear with a two-tone shoe like some of the Dry Joys. 


    IN with white ICONS!


    TH, I would like to think that anything you wear with confidence will always be in.  Although I don't know how I could seriously debate that in terms of JD.

    Outside of that my, vote is in.


    You tend to see a lot of white belts on the tour.  I'm not a white belt fan but there is one in the closet.  I tend to stay with browns, black, blue -  oh yeah -  Maroon with some Orange trim.    Most of the summer shorts are kahki or stone anyway.



    I wear a belt with dress clothes and thats pretty much it. I dont own white dress shoes (nor would I) so I dont own a white belt. Never liked the look much.


    I think that if you are under 30 and a "flat belly" it is IN.....any older or rounder and I wou have to say OUT.


    OK, I'm over 50 and sport a 36 inch waist. While I'm not the "Camillo" type, I absolutely will not bend when it comes to following fashion rules. White stays inside till after Memorial Day and goes away after Labor Day. It also comes out when I wear white shoes. It's also a big reason why most of my shoes are black.....

    But some are now white, since FJ just keeps nailing me with all these gorgeous options!

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    I'd agree that white belts look pretty cool.  I don't have the cohones to rock one though, especially with my beer gut heh



    in for sure, I have one but still have not worn it on the course. Waiting for that belly to get a little flatter!

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    I think it's definitely in but I don't own one and I'm not sure I have the guts to wear one.  I have some white Contours with brown saddle so I go brown belt with those.  I also have an all black pair so I always go black belt with those.  As for the Memorial Day, Labor Day thing I have never understood it nor do I follow it.  I live in Alabama where it gets really hot before Memorial Day and stays that way well past Labor Day.  I base the clothes more on the weather than the calendar.

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    I wore my white belt with black stripe in a tourney this weekend. I think it contrasted well with white/grey shoes and a white hat, black slacks.


    Welcome to the community Spoon.


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    Matching belt to shoes is a must. Especially at the Country Club where golf remains a Gentleman's game and hats are removed before entering "the house". Summer Whites have been in for ages and will never go out.

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    It's in, especially in summer.