Travis Mathew- Please "Return a Shirt"



    A recent article in Golf.Com in the Style section led me to the Travis Mathew web site. Mr. Mathew is a rapidly ascending fashion designer with a real eye for the golf business. He is currently participating in the "Return-AShirt" program at the link above on his e-commerce site.

    If you are considering a new shirt, even though it is not one of favorite FJ brand models, you can earn a 10% discount off your purchase. You will also get a prepaid shipping label to send a shirt back to Travis Mathew Company, who will donate that shirt to the new image homeless shelter in Los Angeles. This is a similar philanthropic effort as the one Tom's Shoes runs, and an extremely  worthy effort.

    I strongly encourage you to consider helping out by making a purchase and providing one of your "gently used" shirts to this effort. Thank You for your consideration.


    Great looking product, just wish they had a size scale so you would know wha tthe fit is like. Think I will be ordering a polo for sure!


    With TM clothing (t-shirts, polos, and shorts) their stuff fits right on the standard sizing of other brands that I wear.  I love their stuff!


    thanks JD for the sizing info.

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    That is a cool program, thanks for posting - I'll check it out.  Also, thanks for reminding me about Tom's Shoes!  I meant to buy a pair of those several months back and then forgot the name.  I swear I'm getting senile.