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    Looking to get some ideas onthe best place to find a large selection of the FJ Polo. Have only seen the basic stripe version at local GG and would like some options for the basic polo in multipe colors.




    I am sure that Chris will be able to give you a list of the retailers in your local area that stock a selection of these shirts.

    I personally play in them all the time and they are great.



    Shaun buddy. Hey there!

    The two places I have had the best luck are at GG for retail and then local green grass shops, like my local courses. I got some FJ stuff at The university of Michigan course last year as well, but I don't think you want UM gear if you live in Madison!

    The other place with good inventory is TGW. I just bought a FJ ProDry polo a couple weeks ago. Only draw back there is no course logo on the shirt (I love course logos).


    Thanks guys.

    have tried the local GG but no luck, they only have the horizontal stripe polos (not a good look when you are 6'3" and 295!).

    Will try TGW on line and so from there.


    Have you tried Google. 

    Click on shopping and enter the item name.  You should get a whole list of what's available out there.


    Golf Galaxy is just starting to bring them in. They have a ton of last year's sportswear to get rid of to make room for the new FJ material.


    I found  a site online that has them for sale and at a pretty decent discount. They also have free shipping if you order $75 or more.

    They have about a dozen of the 2010 styles in different color combinations.

    I ordered two for myself that should be on the way, can't wait to get them.


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    I am about your size, 6'3". 260 and I have used EBAY.  You can save a search so that when a new item in size XXL and XXXL are listed you get notified.  I find the pricing better on Ebay.  Yes you spend more time though.