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Footjoy Collars

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    I got a question about Footjoy polo collars. Is there a way to help the collar on new polos even? It's hard to explain but when I wear a new FJ polo, the collar seems to have one side more open than the other and not even. If I can add a photo I will. Does canned starch help at all?


    Do you mean the difference between the two collar sides of where one side droops or hang down lower between the shirt opening placket with buttons and the placket side that has the holes for the buttons?

    If that is what you mean: somewhat, yes, the side where the placket is under another where the buttons are sewed on stays up a little higher than the other side where the placket has holes for the button.

    It's hardly noticeable on mine.  My guess, is I suspect that maybe it depends on the fit of the shirt around the chest- it can influence the material to stay up or droop down on both snug/tight or relaxed/loose fit so I just leave it the way it is on the shirt fit I wear, but none of them has any terrible droop.

    Also, I'm not sure starch is a good recommendation for any synthetic material.

    Hope it helps.


    Do you leave both top buttons unbuttoned or only the top button? I leave only the top button unbuttoned and do not have issues.  Do not recommend using starch or fabric softeners when drying your shirts.