Corduroys Fall 2014

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    I really like FJ Performance Pants and would like to purchase Corduroys. Will they be available? The 2013's are apparently sold out in my size! Thank You


    I do not see Cords in the Fall Catalog right now.

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    Corduroy Pants are listed in the Summer / Fall Catalog.  24150 Navy and 24151 Khaki.

    I might have to have to invest in the cords.. New is always great!

    Great to have on the those barely playable days.  FJ makes them all playable, well almost all.


    Corduroy is one of my favorite fabrics.  I did not know that FJ made them.  I do have a few:  pumkin orange, off white, pastel pink, kelly green, marine blue, dark brown, black, crimson red, tan, and grey.  My FJ shirts, shoes, sweaters, and outerwear make them look good......