Only shirt I wear..

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    Without a doubt and i'm sure this has already been said and one reason why i joined this community, FJ makes the best golf apparels period.  Anytime I buy a golf shirt, has to be FJ, nothing else.  My wife will go out and buy me cheapo golf shirts and I tell her to return it, won't wear it.  The quality and durability of the FJ shirts are amazing and well worth the price.   The same goes with all there other products especially the golf shoes..  Don't get me going with those.  In the process of designing my own and just need to make sure I get the correct size.

    That's all.  Just had to say that.  

    Fairways and greens!



    Well said Chris H!!!  I need to get some shirts as well and have been dying to try the golf pants this fall.  I bought some golf shorts this summer and they are the best shorts I own period.  I now am looking for them in every color!!


    Good stuff Chris...I'm kinda the same way...only FJ in my closet right now except for a few from the high school team I coach that I cannot get the Athletic Director to buy FJ...


    It's the truth, I have switched out almost all of my UA polos for FJ and have no issues. I get nothing but compliments when I wear them and I can wear them out with my wife with no issues.


    Totally agree Chris. I've slowly been adding/replacing my golf shirts with FJ apparel.  In addition FJ really stands behind their products!  When I spend my money, it's on FJ.


    I started to build the FJ shirt library up.  Next stop is my club to pick up some of their logo'd FJ shirts :-)

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    I agree Chris, FJ is far and away the leader in golf shoes in terms of comfort .

    I love this latest line of  the Pro Dry FJ shirts, picked up the  Aqua ,White blend last month and plan on getting Lime/Navy  next week.