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FJ -- The Best Fabrics!

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    I have invested in several FJ shirts with the ProDry fabric.  They are by far the most comfortable shirt on the market.  Great hot weather performance, wonderful feel and perfect fit!  Don't change a thing, FJ.  You nailed it with these.


    Hey Navy, welcome to the community.  We are a bunch of FJ fanatics,  stick around and enjoy the chat.


    Welcome to the FJC.......you made a good investment

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    FJ shirts are always a good choice..........Welcome to the community

    Can't beat the Lisle..

    Your right about FJ, Oldnavy!


    Welcome to the FJC oldnavy. Glad you are enjoying the FJ shirts, they are a great product. If you think the shirts are great, the shoes take it up another notch!

    welcome to the FJC - I agree the shirts are a very comfortable part of my attire.  And you should try some FJ shoes - I am an icon fan myself but just received a pair of the DNA's and can't wait to play a round in them.  


    Welcome to the FJC oldnavycdr, I'm a big fan of this material and how it always feel cool on the skin. Congrats on the new purchases.


    Ditto Navy. If you really play in hot weather, take a look at the pique shirts (if you haven't already). The pique shirts breath incredibly well and carry off moisture, creating an evaporative effect to keep you cooler.

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    I'll drink to that Navy!  Best golf shirts around and well worth the price.  

    Welcome to the FJC!  Looking forward to hearing your experiences with the FJ products.

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    Welcome to the community , your are 100% correct about the FJ shirts. They cant be beat.

    Actually the same can be said for all their products.