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Aussie Hat

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    Does FJ make an aussie hat?

    Ive been trying to find one with zero luck. Ive also been trying to gina a Titleist one with the FJ on the side and again no luck.


    I'm afraid not, but don't let that be the final answer till it's official from FJ Staff or someone else more knowledgeable.  But, yeah, I also looked for it and had no luck.  FootJoy has a bucket hat, not an Aussie (according to the site).  

    Anyway, I found a Titleist Aussie that I bought and it works pretty good- love it.  Style #: TH3WAUS-9, if it interests you.

    Good luck.

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    40.99 at TGW.com


     Titleist has a nice Aussie hat in Khaki and White but not with a FJ log on it in their latest inventory.......see example....FJ does not have one in their inventory that I can find........and I have never seen one......why don't you check with the PGA store in Myrtle Beach and see if they order you one from Titleist and if they would put the FJ log on the hat for you, of course for an additional charge......all they can say is no....


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    Titleist makes one and they are very popular.  We sell them as fast as we get them in at my course.