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2014 Summer Fall Catalog

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    Any plans to put the Fall/Summer collections on the blog?


    Morning XHooper

    The catalog usually doesn't make it to the Community directly. Once the launches get closer you see daily updates with the various collections highlighted.

    A few members here have access to catalogs and will put up a link for some to share if you're interested.

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    Thanks, Heel.   I guess I was thinking more of photos of the collections...similar to those published in the Blog by Devin several months back.   However, I did get my hands on the catalog today.   Making my list now!

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    Please post a link to the catalog

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    I have the catalog.  I was not able to locate an electronic copy.  Come on over though.  I' be happy to share with you.

    I actually liked the spring selections better.   Most of the fall stuff is too close to stuff I already have.