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    I used to own two tennis courts and a small proshop. I gave lessons, strung rackets, and sold merchandise (rackets, shoes, and clothing, plus accessories). Merchandise was really interesting in Orange County, California. A typical day saw 1-3 women come in to shop. It was nothing for them to drop $500-600 on tennis clothing. Tennis clothing offerings change every four months. These women would get to the register, put everything on the counter, look at it and then run to the mens section, grab a shirt for the husband and then whip out the credit card.Once I noticed this I moved all the men's clothing to the front of the store, right next to the register.  Just like the candy at the grocery store. Every year at the Indian Wells stop you'd see all these 60 year women running around in the latest Venus or Anna tennis dresses while the husband was wearing a faded shirt from five years prior.


    Retail is truly a science!  Well done on that store for sure!

    agree with you regarding it being a science...a lot of people research store layout and POP...definitely something to location location location


    Good point Tar Heel, we need to get the word out so we can see more options in person.  I just found some options "On course" near my home town but that is only place I've been able to find FJ shirts/shorts/pants in person this year.  The big retailers aren't big on carrying FJ apparel yet.  


    Was in Memphis this past week and thought I would look for some performance shorts.  Checked at Edwin Watts, Golfsmith, Academy, Sports Authority and had no luck finding my size and color I wanted/needed after looking hard for their display.  I finally decided to go to the friendly proshop where my brother-in-law belongs and they had a great display of FJ products and exactly what I needed.  Being I have a good relationship with pro there I was able to purchase them at his members price.  Shame on me, I should have gone there first...........