More FJ apparel players?


    Do we have any more full line FJ apparel players on the tours?

    Looks like Greg Chalmers is wearing all FJ.  

    Maybe they all will take a page from Strickers book of looking classy.



    Agreed, Strick has set a high standard for others to follow.


    I watch a good bit of overseas tour play and you see a lot of FJ apparel there.  It appears more there than in the US.  You guys are right about Strick, he is a hard act to follow.....a classic dresser and a great ambassador for FJ and Titleist......


    Like chuck said, it seems like the euro tour has a lot more FJ apparel guys. Not sure if they are on contract or just choose to wear FJ.

    Does anyone know how things work for guys not on contract? For example, does FJ (or any other company) pay a player if they get their logo on tv or in a magazine? I know in the surfing and snowboarding world, pros don't necessarily need to be sponsored by a company but can get paid if they get a magazine cover with a companies logo showing.