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    I still have one pair that I don't want to rid!  It also has pleats in khaki.  The pants drape really nice on an Icon khaki base, so I'm keeping that one.  (grass gets caught in them)

    Instead, I have ordered some tailored and had them put slits on the outside. 'Drapes really nice.

    I know... not all here like slits, but I thinks it's pretty cool and stylish.


    I have one pair of cuffed golf pants and it includes pleats too.  They never come out of the closet unless I have to (ie the rest of my golf pants have been used up and the conditions require pants).

    As for non-golf.  Only my dress pants matched to a suit jacket.  My daily wear pants are all flat front / no cuff pants.


    Tar Heel
    NCBobDoes that mean I have to retire my paisley,cuffed and pleated?

    Oh no Bob. They look really good on you!

    Just make sure you eat that bowl of soup quickly Bob!!!


    I still have a few pair I like the looks of with cuffs and pleats and I have many others without...if you like the look there's nothing wrong with having cuffs