Availability question


    I'm pretty new to the forum here, but I have a question regarding some of the FJ apparel products.

    I was lucky enough to find at the PGA Superstore (Kennesaw, GA) the Performance pants, but they only came in khaki and black.  I bought one of each in my size, but was wondering where you guys generally get your stuff?  Online, golf shops, etc.?

    I've been on the hunt for the Merino Wool Performance sweater too, but have been unable to find them anywhere.

    I know I can easily get them online from most retailers, but would like to find them in a brick and mortar store to try them on, make sure if I like them, and avoid the hassle and usually the cost of return shipping if I end up not liking it.  I tend to wear a lot of the items to work as well, since they look great, work as business casual, and I can easily transition to the course with a quick change of shoes.

    The above statement is probably a moot point because I've never bought an FJ product I didn't love.  


    The golf warehouse has these sweaters and you can get them have a rather liberal return policy and provide a return label with each shipment......I find them easy to work with....the only color that they have are gray and blue at this time but I think their price is fair......if you have concerns their customer service representatives are very helpful.....they carry other FJ products as well.....another site you might try is have the same colors plus two others......hope this helps some.....Chuck  


    Thanks.  I'll check out your recommendations.


    @km.... Welcome

    Chuck has given you good advice. The two on-line guys I use, and, both are fantastic with return policies. As for sizing, once you find a size that fits, FJ is remarkable (duh) in that every piece will be true for you, so confidence is assured in purchasing.

    I will also say, the Performance Lined sweater is a top choice, and Golf Locker has them. They also have the full assortment of trousers, both solids and checks.


  • has the merino sweaters now...FYI


    Thanks guys for the recommendations.  I have the performance lined sweater and it rocks.  No matter how cold it is, it's surprising how warm it keeps you.  

    And you're 100% right about the sizing.  I was a nike guy for over 20 years, then realized even though I wasn't gaining weight, their stuff kept getting shorter and tighter.  At 6'5", I need all the length on shirts and pants I can get.  I bought one FJ shirt about a year ago and that set me off.  I've been buying FJ exclusively since.


    Welcome to the rightsizing family.........I volunteer for a few tournaments in the area and swoosh is a sponsor.......I am not a fan of Nike because after one washing they are shorter and tighter........they are not consistent in the sizing as well....I know that I can depend on sizing with FJ......and you are right about the performance lined sweaters....I have two, a black and a gray....they are off the charts.....


    Thanks.  I have the gray sweater, thankfully I was able to pick that up at PGA Superstore for 50% off at the end of the season.  I look forward to the end of the season since that's when PGA puts some of their FJ stuff on the sale rack.  I've been lucky a few times snapping up items for 25-50% off.  Just bought a pair of tour rain pants the other day.  Or trolling for a sale.  Picked up my XPS-1s for more than half off that way.  

    I'll gladly pay retail prices for FJ stuff, but I'm not above a good sale either.  


    K is pretty solid for sale prices during the down periods between seasons. Check them out now for some top selections on last years models.