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Cotton windshirts

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    I live in Texas and can't find any cotton or cotton blend longsleeve windshirts.Do you guys know of any ?


    I own a lot of windshirts and vest but have not seen any in cotton.....mine are in nylon or polyester......sorry.....welcome to the community....why not complete your profile and join in the fun and interaction.....cz  : )  


    I did some research online and about the closest I could find were a blend of poly and cotton......maybe if you type in Mens Cotton Blend Longsleeve Windshirts in your search engine, you might find a site for them......do not believe they will be FJ.....CZ  : )


    I live in Dallas and I use the FJ windshirts. I like the synthetic fabrics better than cotton. They hold their shape better, don't stain as easily, are more durable, and hold their color longer.

    I generally treat them with a Scotchguard type product for cool misty conditions too.