FJAI Sawgrass- Apparel


    lookin' good boys!


    Tar Heel

    Thursday, from the Bar Harbour Collection

    Still not decided on the hat, and that's probably a game day decision.....

    Looks like you chose the blue hat won. Looks great.

    Randy the blue hat looked great.....good choice....of course we knew you would do the right thing......those greens look great....a lot of wrong sided golfers there.......supposed to be playing golf...not  : )


    Chuck, we lefties missed our fellow lefty Shaun.

    Texting to Facebook.


    Randy, I have to say you were best dressed.  Randy was color coordinated to the nines.  What great outfits for such a great event.  I have to say being a rookie at the FJA, I was welcomed w open arms.  Randy and Mike were paired w me on day one w Dev and I couldn't have asked for a better group.  I laughed and laughed all round and could have played on and on.

    Thank you to all of you for allowing me to have honor of joining a great group of people, in fact now part of my family!

    Looking forward to continuing these friendships as others have done.

    I will see you all in the FJoy future.  That phrase will resonate with some more than!



    Brian,  this group is very much like a big family with cousins from all over the place (and some very interesting characters to say the least).  There are a few more that I hope you get to meet in time.