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Gulf Coast Standout


    This polo from the Gulf Coast Collection has to be one of my all-time favorite FJ shirts, and one of the clubs I merchandise made a great choice with the tone-on-tone logo.

    And by the way, while I was in today, a big box of new lined merino-wool sweaters came in.

    The pro said "FootJoy needs to make these in women's. They'd sell thousands . They are warm, comfortable. fit great . . .  be sure and tell them that!" :-)


    I would look good in this shirt - guess I better order one.

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    I really like the pattern on this plus the color is awesome!


    Great shirt


    That's a great looking gingham shirt and I do like the tone-on-tone logo as well.  But for me, it's the structure/pointed lapels on the collar that give it a real finished/tailored look.


    I love the lime green and the checks.....a very nice looking shirt......cz  : )