Short Sleeve Rain Top

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    I'm looking into getting a FJ Short Sleeve Rain Top so that during the random Texas summer weather I have something water resistant to put on but it still not be terribly hot.  Is there any kind of discount I could get for working at a golf course?


    Or just ask your Pro!


    Ask the club pro if employees get a discount.  Not all clubs do but many do.  You will only find out by asking.  If not, ther e are plenty of on line stores who will give you a nice discount.


    I find that golf stores/shops/online warehouses do not discount FJ and Titleist products.  You might find one that purchases overruns and sells them at discounted prices......   The shops purchase these through the Titleist reps.....  The fall is coming up and check around at the pro shops in your area and ask who carries FJs at discounted prices and to let you know when they come in.   They may have logos from other golf clubs on them if that is not a problem, but it would save you some money.  Check with the golf pro to see about an employee discount at your club.  I worked at a course and they offered a 10 percent discount to employees.