New short sleeve rain shirts for July


    I assume the cost will be around the same? Devin? thanks

     You would assume correctly.


    Could never figure out why short sleeve rain shirts would be useful.  Kinda like waterfroof sandals    Wet arms and wrists would annoy me to no end.    I wear FJ long sleeves rain shirts and FJ rain pants.    To each their own.

    Kind of like taking a shower with your socks on, oops that is something else

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    The short sleeves are perfect for an afternoon summer storm.


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    I've found them most useful when it's either rainy but very humid as it can get here in the northeast during the summer or when it chilly but still warm enough that long sleeves are too much

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    New long sleeve jacket to try out tomorrow. Cool and rain and golf on the horizon.  

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    Any update on when these will be on


    Any update on when these will be on

    They will be up next month.

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    Thanks for posting the new ones on  Can you post a picture of the back or does it look the same as the last years?  How do they fit compared to the models available early this year?  Same fit i hope?