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How do I clean my golf hats?


    I like the shower idea. I just tie a few rubber bands on them and throw them in the washer


    The four I did today came out well. The white hat and the black could have used some Shout or other stain removers. They are significantly better than they were. From a distance a 5-6 feet the stains are not noticeably. My concern using a dishwasher would be the heat cycle. Most bills now are made of plastic; they don't tolerate high temperatures well.


    I think the "anti bacterial soap" works best.  I have a white Titleist hat with sweat stain (brown) all around.  Almost threw the hat away.  I just happened to try a liquid hand soap with anti bacterial ingredient and all the stain came off-- it's real white again!


    I generally just wash in washing Machine.  I air dry because I have some hads shrink and even though they are size adjustable in back some crowns have shrunk.  I have also started using scotchgard on new hats and have now seen a spray in sportinggoods stores that supposedly keeps hats clean and sweat stains from showing.  I have not tried that yet however.

    i will have to pick up one of the hat forms as well, good tip on that.  

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    What brand of carpet cleaner foam?  I have 5-6 hats with sweat marks.


    i use color safe bleach, warm water and a medium scrub brush and give both the inside and outside a good scrubbing and let it hang dry to keep its form...it works well with all color hats...

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    Any chance you can post that article you found?


    I just buy a new one.


    Devin_GmitterGabreezeI usually put my hats on the top shelf of the dishwasher and let it dry outside.

    I have heard this works as well, never tried though.

    That's what I do, works great, don't wash with dishes though haha get food in the hat.

    There's a nothing like bringing along a snack to the course. Moving along, there is a product called Hatsaver that prevents the hats from getting so nasty. Essentially, it makes them repel water and sweat. Still, you may have to wash.  We use Oxyclean spray then put them in the washing machine, hang dry. One note about using the dishwasher, the detergent is sodium hypochlorite (chlorine). Your hats will come out sanitary, but may have a "tie-dyed" look as chlorine degrades the material and will bleach out color irregularly and, they will not last as long.

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    Tar Heel
    After wearing take a soft brush and some warm water. Once you have the water on there just brush away. Let them dry and you should be fine.

    This will not stop fading, which is mostly what kills the darker hats. Like your shoes, I recommend rotating hats to add to their life span.

    Agreed. An adequate stable of shirts, shoes and hats keeps a fellow looking well kept. I do have some favorites though that go from course to tractor to everywhere in between and look terrible I hope.