dry joys tour

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    wet cold 40 out and dry joys tour is the best ever to have on


    Welcome to the Community titleistone! Hopefully, your Sunday weather is a bit better and you hit'em straight. Obviously, you have figured out how to not only keep your feet dry, but secure and stable enough to play in ANY conditions with Dry Joys wrapping your feet!

    Keep posting and enjoy the insights and commentary - Great bunch of folks here in the FJC..


    They sure keep your feet dry in the worst weather. Been playing in DRYJOYS for longer than I can remember.  Try all the other FJ products, you won't be disappointed.

    Welcome to the community.

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    Like all FJ products they are top notch.   Great feeling shoes to.


    Welcome to the FJ community titleistone.

    I wear Icons myself but agree the dryjoy tours are a great shoe.

    You will find most of the members spead the love over all FJ models but some (like myself) are more fiercely loyal to one product.

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    Welcome titleistone. I'll be wearing my DryJoys Tours tomorrow. Mid-upper 40's, 17-25 mph winds on a pretty long and challenging course. Going to need the stability and confidence that comes with a great shoe.


    My DryJoys are about 8 years old I walk most the times I had them on.  They are still in great shape and not to mention still waterproof.  It gets lesser and lesser use since I've been collecting other FJ shoes, but I still love it!

    Welcome, and thanks for the post.


    DryJoys/Dry Joys Tours are excellent shoes, as are the Icons, the Contours, the Sports, and the MProjects.  Personal choice plays a lot in the selection of a shoe, but all of these offer similar durability and weather resistance.  I've worn all of these in all kinds of weather and never been displeased or wet-footed (unless I step in a puddle that goes over the shoe top).  Since I usually play early in the morning, water resistance/water proofing is of prime importance to me.  Choice of style and fit/feel makes it a personal decision what to wear when.


    DryJoys indeed live up to her name ! Welcome aboard titleistone....You 're in for great company and conversations


    Welcome aboard titleistone.  I have M:Projects but its the same.  The keep you dry and warm with no issues!  All footwear from FJ is top of the line!


    got a pair...have not put them into circulation yet...waiting for some warm weather and dryer conditions since there is so much mud on the courses right now and my new ones are white...can't wait to put them in play though...