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DryJoys Performance Light Jacket


    It looks like I'm going to have to break out the FootJoy DryJoys Performance light Jacket this weekend. (I wish it was the new FJ Hydrolite)

    I'm just thankful I have something.  

    Not looking forward to the weekend's weather to play in, but then, I should also be thankful to have the chance to still come out. . . I feel glad I have something that I can use and it's an FJ.

    Tell us how you like your FJ rain gears here.  This will be my first time out with FJ rain gear.  Do I have the right gear, guys?




    Well, I had the DryJoys Performance Jacket over the weekend as rain and wind was in the forecast.  The cold wind came, but there was no rain.  These jacket is an amazing wind breaker!  I was warm and comfy in my upper body with just a shirt and golf mock when I walked the round.



    Of course the FJ rain gear proved to be superb! The jackets are warm and toasty even if the rain doesn't come on those chilly in between days. I wear the SS rain shirt on days when it the sun goes away and I need another layer. And as you say, the material keeps the wind out so you can focus on golf and not the chills.


    I had on the SS rain shirt and thermal base layer along with the FJ performance shorts.  Never did get the predicted rain while on the course.  But it opened up right after we were done and all the other tournament groups were left to finish.


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    Love my jacket.  I generally wear mine in cooler weather and layer up.  Keeps me warm and dry on those occasions I am caught in the rain.


    I have the Tour Collection Jacket and SS rain shirt.   Will go with the SS in the warm weather. The full jacket is very dry, but hot in the warm weather.  Will likely pick up the new hydrolight for the really warm days. I'm not a fan of soaking wet arms with the SS shirt.  


    Just bought a FJ Dry Joy and retired my old Dry Joy after 13 years.  Still keeps you dry but thought a little step up in technology.


    pouring rain this morning, so i wore my Tour Collection jacket.  it's a great jacket.  keeps you bone dry and warm, but also is stylish and classy enough to be able to wear nicer places without looking out of place.


    I've got both the DryJoys Performance Light rain jacket (and pants) and the FJ DryJoys Tour SS rain jacket--the latter courtesy of the good folks of the FJ staff at last year's FJA Invitational.  I wear the Performance Light jacket far more than the Tour Collection SS rain jacket, but that's a personal preference.  I wear it most often as a wind jacket, or for warmth over sweater or sweatshirt on cool days (or mornings).  At the FJA Invitational, the rain was heavy enough to make me switch from the Performance Light jacket to the Tour Collection SS rain jacket.  I stayed dry as all get out.  I loved it!

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    I have the Dryjoys Performance light jacket also. I've used it all winter, waiting on frost delays with that over a footjoy long sleeve under my color of the day FJ polo. No worries!