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Who wants MyJoys belts?


    Would be nice to have this addition to the FJ line, but it is rather a limited line of clothing and with their association with FILA, that may be something in the future once their other clothing items start going stronger.


    I would like a brown/chestnut/hickory color.  The white and black are sharp, so let's add a brown to the line!


    I too would be a buyer if belts were available; although, I think the pricing would be more in the $100 range.  The belts would be out of thicker leather I believe and would probably require a different type of processing. 

    I'm like Randy -  I need the Blue, Tan, and Burgundy Sting Rays while we are placing orders.


    I would definately buy one to match each pair of myjoys icons

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    I would definitely purchase, I'm sure they would be awesome.

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    I like the idea!


    I like the idea!

    But would you buy one or more?

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    Personally, I think $48 is too much for a belt - but in the $25 range I would buy one.

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    Would be in more multiple custom belts

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    I would buy a Black and also a Brown.

    Thanks for the push.

    Jerry Wood


    I think we need to take a poll to see how much of a demand there is for a FootJoy MyJoys custom belt line. Many people in the past have stated that they would like to see MyJoys belts, lets see who would really buy them. I would think if the retail belt sells for $48 that a MyJoys belt should not be too far from that price as the actual leather cost should not be that much different. What do you all think?

    Anyone that is reading this and has an opinion please feel free to respond, regulars or lurkers. Please share your vote, one and all!

    Obviously, I vote for MyJoys belts!


    P.S. Please include in your post if you would actually buy one or more MyJoys belts so FootJoy can see how many people are interested in spending money on this project.

    Fabulous concept, Don (aka FJ Fashionista)  I luv belts and would purchase as gifts and for myself...So I vote yes, yes, yes !!!!


    i'm not sure i would.  for the $48 price, i would certainly consider it and most likely buy a couple.  but i highly doubt they would be able to have a wide variety of colors and styles and keep the costs low enough to have it at the same price.  if you look at the MyJoy line, they are $40 more than the standard shoe.  so i think we can connect the dots and expect a MyJoy belt to be more expensive than the standard belt.  for me, it would all come down to the price.


    The MyJoys belt line would be awesome.  The MyJoys shoe line is the bomb!!

    Welcome to the FJC  BJ.  You need some MyJoys to get some style going..



    Personally, I think $48 is too much for a belt - but in the $25 range I would buy one.

    Thanks for responding Jim, but since the stock belts are $48, it's unlikely the custom belts would be less.


    For me, I'd pass as I love PGH and his exotics... But for the masses, please bring it on!!