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FJ Belt

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    Wishing to get my hands on a black belt and buckle size 36 :).................can't wait!!!


    Rick, I will defend your honor sir....

    In the fashion world Rick is spot on. If you're older than 36 or have a waist size larger than 36 it is RECOMMENDED that you not wear a white belt. That comes from the days of old when men also wore white dress shoes (usually of the more vinyl type), so the belt was somewhat of a faux pas.

    Flash forward to today, and while most fashion gurus hold to the rule, it's one where stepping outside the box is allowed for those with the confidence and the savvy to do so. Personally, I adhere to the first rule, which is that the belt and the shoes MUST match. Subsequently, I wear white belts. I also wear navy, purple, red, and grey belts.

    So follow your flights of fancy you fashionistas!


    Wear  whatever strikes your fancy....But remember color strikes the tone for the day  (you'll have on course) !


    I want an FJ belt in brown/chestnut.  Need at least that option to go with the white and black options!  It would look sweet!

    Todd, you can probably get a leather belt replacement at a shoe repair shop in any color you like.


    True Fred - However, I'd suggest to the FJ designers to come out with more options than just the white and black belts.  With so many colors of shirts and pants/shorts that FJ has in their line, it would be great to haver a few other belt colors.


    Yeah ... bit torn by the whole white belt thing.

    I'm over 36 but have 36 waist so right in the middle.

    Must admit the white belt is not my favourite look but I do think it looks great with white pants/shorts and white shoes but other than that usually go black with the occasional brown. But I understand that it is in fashion and there would be just as many white belt wearers at my club as not.



    I have both the black and the white.  The black is all broken in at this point and the white belt still has the plastic wrap on it.  I am 42 and my waist is 35, ok 36" but I am working on getting back to 34-35.

    Love the comments above about the rule.  I guess my thought is if it matches, looks good, wear it and show you are the "Mark of A Player".


    I am 45 with a 38 waist so I guess I am not supposed to wear a white belt despite wearing them constantly!  Oh Well!


    I'm 41 with 36 waist.  Dropping lower every week. (maybe shouldn't have gotten so many size 36 new shorts).

    I wear what makes me comfortable and what I think looks good.  I'm the one paying the bills and swinging the clubs.  Unless someone wants to sponsor me.

    But we have to be the best dressed forums around.  FJ - Mark of a Player


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    Coetzee is looking a bit over the 36" waist line. Who writes these rules? Since when does the fashion police get involved in Golf attire? Do you watch the "Tours" on TV? Fashion rules in golf have never been applied, why start now?

    I'm just sayin'


    Wear what you want Keith, everyone has an opinion. But in the long run, all that matters is what makes you happy. Just wear your FootJoys well. And of course, try to keep them clean. :-)


    Chillax, Keith. The 36/36 is a funny statement that someone came up with years ago when white belts first started showing up -- again -- repeating a fashion cycle. This group is committed to FJ and to looking good.


    Saw the real thing yesterday in my local golf shop and loved it.

    Unfortunately were out of my size but I now have one on order so next weekend with a bit of luck.


    Croc - The belts are great.  I personally would love to see a brown/chestnut version!


    Or maje the buckle removable (I know it is to an extent but not meant for it). Then we can sport FJ with lots of color straps!