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Importance of Golf Shoe Fitting

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Chances are pretty good that your golf shoes are not properly fit.  It's nothing personal.....it's just the facts! Through thousands of fittings we've conducted across the United States, Europe and Asia, we have found that 70% of golfers we fit are in the wrong size golf shoe. For most, the shoes are too big, and almost always, too wide. Do you regularly experience blisters on your feet? Are you able to slide your shoes off without untying the laces? Do you feel your feet sliding around inside of your shoes? Are the top two eyelets of your shoes very close together, or even touching? These are just a few signs that your shoes may be too large. 

I can personally attest to this. When I first started at FJ I thought blisters were a part of the game and needed to be endured when breaking in a pair of shoes.  Throughout my High School and College golf careers most players carried bandages and tape in their bags for the inevitability of a blister.  One of my first days on the job, I was quickly informed my shoes were the wrong size!  Sitting with one of our fitters for a few minutes it was readily apparent that I didn't know the size of my own feet! Within minutes, I moved from an 10 Wide to a 10.5 Narrow and my feet have never been happier.  I have been blister and pain free for 5 years and counting. 

A properly fit golf shoe is essential for you to play and feel your best on the golf course.  If your feet are moving around inside of the shoe you will not be able to maximize your energy into the golf ball.  Your feet and body will fatigue faster than someone who has a properly fit golf shoe.  It is a small simple change that can improve your game, your well being, and your overall enjoyment out on the course! 

Feet do change over time and just because you have been wearing the same size for the past several years doesn't mean they are the right size golf shoes for you! It's worth checking, just to be sure. 

The next time you visit the course, or your local golf shop, ask your shop associate about getting fit for your next pair of FJ golf shoes.

  • Good point. Recently being told by an instructor to consider changing shoe styles, I can attest to this firsthand....

  • Did a fitting and it confirmed what I already knew for lo these many years, my feet are a standard 10.5 medium.  Not very interesting ,but it was nice to get confirmation.  Learned the importance of shoe fitting back in my hiking/backpacking days on the trail!

  • Same here.  I was splitting my time between 12, 13, and 14 M before an assist from Devin to find out I really was a 14N.  Golf shoes feel miles better now, without my foot constantly crammed or sloshing around.  

    Moral of the story, if you're not sure, ask.  Even if you think you're sure, ask.  You might be surprised and your feet will thank you.

  • From early childhood to now, properly fitted shoes have always been an important part of my life.  My mother always took my brother and I to a shoe fitter as children whenever she purchased our shoes and that habit never changed throughout my life.  As a result of that habit, I have always bought quality well fitting shoes and never had issues.  When I started playing golf I choose FootJoy shoes because of their fit and reputation and have stayed with the brand.  As I have found out in talking with other golfers, different brands fit differently, so to ensure that I have a consistently comfortable stable fitting shoe I choose FJ shoes.  Out of the box and onto the course.  

  • Devin is right on target here. To give you an analogy - you don't build a house with a poor foundation.  The same applies to golf.  It starts with your base and your shoes are the most important part of it.  

    Get fitted - its easy and you will know that you are good to go!  As a bonus, your game may improve too!

  • I can attest to this. It does help!!.....