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Here is how you can win an all new pair of HYPERFLEX II golf shoes.  Golfers are constantly changing something to improve their golf game, tuck this elbow in on the downswing, keep your head still, release the body.  The list goes on and on!   

How do you enter?  Comment on this blog post and tell us about a time your drastically or radically changed something with your game and it how it made you play the better golf? 

Three winners will be chosen on Wednesday 9/1/16, each receiving one pair of HYPERFLEX II golf shoes!  

REMINDER: To enter you must have a community profile, if you do not have one click here to register for the FJ Community - REGISTER

Deadline for entries are 5:00 pm ET on 08/30/16.  Void where prohibited. Open to US residents 18 years or older.  For additional rules and regulations click here.


  • Two things that have worked for me to improve my game--the first was getting lessons, the second was realizing that you don't get any points for how hard you hit the ball.  Calm down, swing in a controlled manner, and trust what you're doing, and you'll be fine.

  • Changed from an interlock grip to an overlap. I feel I can release the club better now. Not really that drastic a change but a positive for sure.

  • During a recent trip to Myrtle Beach, I was putting terribly through two rounds.  On the way back to the condo, we stopped at a golf shop to check out a few items.  While there, I wandered over to their very large indoor putting area.  After browsing through the right-handed putters, I found the left-handed section.  Well, I picked one up and started putting with it--and sank putt after putt at all sorts of distances.  This was too good to be true.  So I went back to the right-handed putters, found a similar one to the lefty I'd been using, and tried putting left hand low.  Putt after putt went into the hole, again from a variety of distances.  I continued putting with left hand low the next day on the course and had the best putting day I'd had in months.  Sometimes it just takes a bit of contra-indicative thinking to produce a positive change.

  • This season I began using a pop stroke to & it has drastically helped my scoring. I was leaving way too many of my putts short.  The pop stroke has helped me focus on compressing the golf ball & getting it to the hole.  Amazing how many more birdies I can card once I actually gave the ball a chance to go in. :)

  • I am not a longer hitter and I realize I'm not that skilled at golf but love playing and I'm a quick pace player so I'm not holding anybody up.

    Anyway, I started playing early in the morning with older gentleman and they play the white tees and I just want along with it. It has made golf so much more enjoyable for me. Instead of always pulling fariway woods and hybrids from my bag, I can actually use my long irons have a chance. Honestly, it's a decision I should have made a long time ago.

  • My game definitely improved when I started using the ProV1 golf ball. I had much better distance off the tee and better control into the greens. This ball improved my scores and gave me the confidence to attack pins.

  • Going to left hand low with the putter did wonders!

  • This summer has not been very good to me.  My swing has been totally out of control and my ball has been going everywhere, and being a right handed golf,  many times to the right, and I do not mean a fade.  I have had issues with this in the past and took a lesson from our Master instructor and he brought me under control and it has been a few years.  Spoke with him and we went over my stance and swing a couple of weeks ago.  After taking my alignment sticks to the driving range to ensure that my alignment was correct and moving a little closer to the ball, I choked up on the shaft of my AP1s and worked on a smoother swing on the take back.  I am finding that the ball is flying straighter and more towards the target.  The other element in this equation is the five inches between my ears.  Number one stop worrying about the aging process and take that extra club and swing easier.   It really works and less like to clank it.  Number two, take a couple of smooth practice swings to get that feel.  Yes, I have noticed a difference and the scores are coming back down.  The advice my instructor gave me was, you never see a good player standing far from the ball.  Makes sense.  Lesson taken.  Like the result.  

  • Had corrective surgery and rehab on my shoulder after playing while injured for a year.  Still working to get back to 100%, but game is coming around.


  • One dramatic change that I made with my golf game was when I switched to a 4 wedge set (48, 54, 60, 64).  Gave me more tools in the toolbox to tackle any shot around the greens!  

  • Several changes that have made a big difference in my game are switching to an overlap grip while putting and switching from overlap to interlock on the full shots. Both have given me more consistency and confidence.

  • I had really lost some juice in my drives. Just happened to be listening to Martin Hall on the Golf Channel, and he said one sentence that woke me up.........My transition down with the driver had gone astray...........It came around with some hard work, and now I'm hitting it really well...........It's been awhile since I won a Long Drive, but I'll get one again..........

  • I learned how to hit down on the ball and to take a proper divot. Absolutely changed my game.

  • Back when the over sized drivers came out I was struggling to control mine so I switched to using a 3 wood off the tee.  This gave me better control and was able to improve my scoring.

  • I spread my feet out more on my irons for more solid contact; also a good foundation with FootJoys on my feet also helped!