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FJ Celebrates 25th Anniversary of WeatherSof!

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FootJoy®, the #1 Glove in Golf, has revolutionized the comfort and performance of the world’s most popular glove, WeatherSof, by combining improved breathability and flexibility function while providing maximum durability and superior grip performance for all-climate play.

Through FJ’s unwavering commitment to innovation-driven performance, WeatherSof has excelled as the world’s best-selling glove since launching 25 years ago. More than 90 million WeatherSof gloves have helped golfers to perform at their peak in all weather conditions, establishing this technologically-advanced model as the preferred choice of one in every five golfers in the United States according to Golf Datatech LLC.

Following extensive research and development by FJ’s industry-leading design team, a host of new technologies have been engineered into the 2015 iteration of the WeatherSof glove to enhance its already outstanding combination of features and benefits.

The exclusive incorporation of sophisticated FiberSof™ microfiber material on the back of the hand allows the glove to better conform to the shape of the hand and fingers, providing a consistent fit for all wearers.

Taction2® Advanced Performance Cabretta Leather™ has been strategically placed on the palm and thumb to benefit performance in these key stress areas. This not only improves control during the swing as a result of advancements in grip and feel, but also increases the longevity of the glove through superior durability.

By extending the coverage of the PowerNet™ material featured across the knuckles and back of the fingers, this allows golfers to gain better breathability, flexibility and ultimately a more comfortable golf glove.  A ball marker on all WeatherSof gloves adds value and convenience.

“As the world’s best-selling and most trusted golf glove for the past 25 years, WeatherSof is an integral member of the FootJoy glove family and I am delighted that we are able to mark such an important anniversary by introducing this new and improved model to golfers worldwide,” said Maria Bonzagni, Senior Director of Marketing, FJ Gloves and Accessories.

“Our unwavering commitment to product and performance excellence has installed the WeatherSof glove as the undisputed leader in comfort, durability and value since 1990. When you combine these attributes with a great value price point, it’s easy to see how WeatherSof has earned its position as the industry’s most popular glove.”

“With marked improvements in comfort, feel, fit and durability, we have no doubt it will continue to be the ‘go-to’ glove for millions of golfers worldwide and continue its longstanding leadership position as the world’s #1 Selling Glove for years to come.”

The new WeatherSof is available in an impressive 48 size options, ensuring an all-encompassing provision of Men’s Left, Cadet, Right and Women’s Left, Right and Pair sizes. In addition, WeatherSof is available in all white, all black and six fashion colors for both men and women to give even more standout appeal to this iconic product.

Whether it is the #1 Cabretta leather glove in golf, StaSof®, the vibrant colors of FJ Spectrum®, the customized cool fit of StaCool®, the powerful grip and moisture resistance of SciFlex®, the precision fit of GTxtreme®, the long-lasting properties of WeatherSof or the advanced wet-weather capabilities of RainGrip® and WinterSof ®, FJ remains the overwhelming favorite for golfers of all abilities around the world.  

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