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Behind the Scenes with Steve Stricker

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This week the FJ Apparel team was on location in Wisconsin with Steve Stricker shooting new layering images for an upcoming campaign.

Here are some behind the scenes shots of the action. 


  • A true ambassador for FootJoy.....a classic guy and Strick is always well coordinated head to toe.....plays a pretty mean game of golf as well......

  • nice clothes. Layering in Wisconsin in the summer ? It might be a little hot for all those nice FJ clothes :)

  • Strick is a great representative of what FJ stands for.  A classic player who has given back to this great game we all love through his entire career.  He is the Mark of a Player and represents the brand so well.  Anytime I see him playing, I always know he will be wearing the very best.

    I'm glad to see him playing in a "relaxed" schedule knowing his family comes first.

    The slide show was great, thanks for sharing.


  • very cool!  Great looking outerwear coming.  

  • Class act... Much success!

  • Thank you Devin for the photos.

    IMO Stricker is all that is good about the game. He is class thru and thru , respects the game and his competitors.

    He and Zach ,IMO, get more out of their talent than any other guys on tour. He gives back in a big way thru his foundation and has great perspective on life.

    He and FJ are a perfect pairing, class personified.

  • What a cool guy. A friend of mine's son caddied for Strick recently at a Chick Evans Scholars event. As you would expect, he was just a regular guy and nice as could be.

  • Great stuff!  Thank you for sharing.

  • 'Behind the Scenes' keep getting better and better ! SS - A Class Act  in  Dazzling  FJ Apparel .....Can't miss with this combo !

  • Thanks for sharing. Steve Stricker is a perfect poster boy for FootJoy, with his class, skills and professionalism.

  • Thanks for the behind the scenes look, Stricker is a class act.

  • I had a chance to meet Mr Stricker. A Co worker and I were playing in a pro Am. My friend was a Stricker groupie from WI, who wanted to meet him. We waited by the putting green in the early evening, post round. He came along as expected riding in a cart. There was no one else around and my friend introduced himself and then unexpectedly asked him to meet me. I started walking toward him when I saw what was going on and he jumped out of his golf cart and took long rapid strides toward me. Shook hands introduced himself smiling and said he was glad to meet me and he looked to be  glad to be able to reach out.

    FYou have chosen wisely and have a winner on and off the course.

  • Great pics and a truly great ambassador for FootJoy!!!  

  • As always. Steve is a class act and without a doubt, one of the best, if not the best, representative of the FootJoy line and image of the Pro Player.

  • Looking sharp Steve, as always. Stay healthy and I hope you can qualify to play in the Ryder Cup. We could your your experience and that putter.