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Glove Fitting 101

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Did you also know that wearing the wrong size glove could cause the golfer multiple issues, including blistering or calluses on the hand?  As well as a shortened life span of the glove?

We estimate that nearly one in three golfers fall victim to this sizing conundrum!  The majority of this group is wearing a size that is far too big for their hand.

To combat this we have created a video outlining the importance of proper fit and how to find that all important size.


  • Fitting is imperative.  Because I have been properly fitted for my gloves, they last longer and I get maximum performance from my FJ gloves.  

  • A golf.glove, like a golf shoe must fit properly in order to function properly.Why i thought a loose fitting glove would work well is rooted in the fact that the only other gloves I ever wear are bulky work gloves or something insulated to combat cold weather. I guess I just took that fitting experience and transferred it to golf glove fitting, to a certain degree. When i tried what I thought was too small.a glove, the immediate responses was AHA! so that is what a proper fitting glove feels like! More feel feedback and sensitivity and a grip that really holds on the club. And less wear as a result of the glove not slipping!!

    Great video Foot Joy and thanks Devin for paying it!

  • My gloves split in the palm area.  What should I do?

  • Mito, How long do you use a glove before this occurs?  Which model are you using?

  • Great did you know info-mercial. Need to evaluate the fit of my FJ Glove based on !

    n this

  • This a great info.  I've got a buddy who reminds us of the Saggy Baggy Elephant (for those of you who remember Golden Books)   Baggy shirt, baggy cargo shorts, baggy ankle socks, and yes, baggy glove.  

    I sent him a copy of this link.  LOL.

  • Pretty interesting.