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FJ Grasps 'Super Fiber' Technology to Create Golf's Most Powerful Grip in the Heat

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  • The #1 Glove in Golf unveils the FJ StaCool™ featuring grip enhancing “super fiber” NanoFront™ technology
  • A unique partnership between FJ & Teijin Ltd  takes golf glove grip performance to new found levels 
  • State-of-the-art technology founded on the FJ strategic and Teijin Ltd alliance provides unparalleled grip in hot and humid conditions.

 FootJoy®, the #1 Glove in Golf®, has introduced ground breaking fabric technology to its latest golf glove category, the innovative StaCool™ glove. Part of the highly anticipated FJ 2014 product lineup, the StaCool glove has been specifically designed to counter the challenges of playing in hot and humid conditions. The new glove, inspired by the FJ brand’s unwavering commitment to enhancing performance, regardless of the weather, includes state-of-the-art proprietary NanoFront™ fiber technology. The advancement comes courtesy of renowned Japanese fabric innovators Teijin, who have worked with the FJ design engineers on combining the industry revered design, fit, feel and performance synonymous with FJ into a reassuringly strong gripping golf glove. Using what many experts are referring to as the first ‘Super Fiber,’ the StaCool powerful grip stems from an island of Nano-fiber surfaces that is able to increase friction, resulting in a more comprehensive grip.

“The Men’s StaCool glove showcases our latest advancement in delivering a product aimed at golfers who frequently play in humid conditions and suffer from the negative grip impacts such conditions can have,” commented Maria Bonzagni, Senior Director of Marketing, FJ Gloves and Accessories.  “As we have seen previously with product lines such as RainGrip® & WinterSof® we pride ourselves on identifying real issues golfers face that impact performance. It is our approach, expertise and commitment to presenting solutions is the heart of FJ ethos and these facets are represented perfectly in StaCool glove.”

In addition, the all-new StaCool glove enhances absorption, and increases slip resistance as well as maximizing total performance. In humid conditions, perspiration can present real difficulties in executing the desired swing via poor grip or movement of the club. This is where StaCool glove comes in to its own by combating the climactic challenges to give golfers a far better chance of producing better shots, despite the weather.  

“Perspiration in humid conditions can dramatically affect the ability to grip the club,” added Bonzagni. “The excellent absorption and diffusion of moisture characteristics manage perspiration and reduce any negative impact on grip. StaCool breathability adds to the gloves ability to deflect the reduction in grip perspiration can have.”

Designed to perfectly maximize grip and durability, this performance-infused glove has been precision engineered and constructed from the very best materials to deliver an optimum benefit to the golfer. The StaCool glove characteristics are classically FJ, uncompromising on look, comfort and feel; high-performance FiberSof™ material and NanoLock™ Fiber on the back of the hand sets new standards in a more breathable and comfortable, consistent fit. A new hotmelt process has also been strategically positioned across the knuckles for a more tailored fit and additional comfort.

With over half of the world’s golfers choosing from the FJ brand’s diverse range of golf gloves, it comes as no surprise that FJ is once again behind the latest advancement in golf glove technology.   Whether it’s the #1 Cabretta leather glove in golf, StaSof®, the outstanding feel and performance offered by the Pure Touch® Limited, the science of comfort in SciFlex™, the maximum durability of the GTxtreme™, the long-lasting properties of the WeatherSof®, or the advanced wet and cool weather capabilities of the RainGrip® and WinterSof® microbrand gloves,  FJ remains the overwhelming favorite for golfers of all abilities around the world.

Launch date:    May 15, 2014

FJ. The #1 Glove in Golf®

  • Sounds like another impressive FJ release.  2014 has once again proven FJ is a leader in technology.  I look forward to giving this one a try.

  • You have to love all the great products FJ comes out with.

  • This is exciting for those of us that have 100+ degree summer days

  • This sounds like a glove made for someone who plays in the deep south on hot and humid days.  It gets so bad in the months of July and August that we actually use our rain gloves in Charleston, SC.  Will have to add this glove to my bag and see how it performs in areas where humiture (temp + humidity) stays well over 100+ during the summer.....thanks FJ.

  • Looking forward to putting these gloves to work in the Texas heat.  Great innovation!

  • Looking forward to trying these out.

  • Well said ChuckZ,

    Being from the Deep South (MIssissippi) I know the humiture well.  I am eagerly waiting for this glove.

  • Interesting product.  Would be great for practice in the heat and humidity here in Oklahoma.  


  • If this works, it's what I've searched for the past 40 years.

  • Regardless of where you live, this one appears to be one to have in the bag. Here I Iowa the days do get very humid and having a glove like this should solve some of those soggy days and changing of gloves that I do on those days. And when we go to Texas in the Winter months, there are those days that I could use this.

    On another note, could someone with Arthritis use this to improve their grip??

  • I will pick one up, I usually switch my gloves out every 4 holes or so when it's humid so let's hope this helps.

  • These will be the first new gloves in my bag this summer.

  • Looking forward to the new release. They will come in handy during the long, Texas summer.

  • Another great advancement for FJ....They sound terrific ! Hope the new technology crosses over into the Women's StaCool which I wear in the Summer Months.....

  • Really looking forward to this!