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FEEL ADVANCED - FootJoy Introduces New D.N.A. Footwear Category

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- The Most Feature-Laden Golf Shoe Ever from the #1 Shoe in Golf -

(Fairhaven, MA) - From FootJoy, the #1 Shoe in Golf, comes the next advancement in golf footwear - D.N.A. DryJoys Next Advancement. Featuring the most comprehensive feature package ever delivered by FJ, D.N.A. footwear embodies the most proven elements of the world-renown DryJoys franchise with new, cutting-edge componentry and construction methodology.

"To create the most feature-laden golf shoe in our storied history, we needed to explore the anatomy, or DNA, of our premium footwear products and then scrutinize every aspect throughout the design and development process," said Doug Robinson, Vice President of Design and Development Worldwide. "Every material and every component was carefully considered in order to deliver a shoe with lightweight stability, a precise fit, superior feel and ultimate performance."


  •  The 3D FoamCollar™ for COMFORT
    • The 3D FoamCollar molds to your ankle for ideal comfort, fit and support. Locking your ankle in place eliminates any movement of the foot – a situation that can lead to discomfort power-reduction during the swing.
  • SnugFit Tongue for FIT
    • The SnugFit tongue is engineered utilizing thin, soft, and breathable materials - including MicroVent™ technology- in order to properly conform to the top of your foot providing superb fit and an incredibly comfortable in-shoe environment.
  • NitroThin™ TPU Outsole for STABILITY
    • The all-new NitroThin TPU outsole has been in development for several years, undergoing numerous rounds of testing and technical modifications.  The result is a super thin-yet-strong chassis that frames the soft, FTF internal midsole, delivering the perfect combination of rigidity and flexibility for maximum on-course performance.
  • Xtra-Thick FTF™ FitBed® for Cushioning
    • In order to achieve the sleek, low-profile look of D.N.A. , the midsole was moved inside the shoe.  FTF™ (Fine-Tuned Foam), a new proprietary cushioning material, is used throughout the interior midsole also known as the FitBed. In order to achieve in-shoe stability as well as premium cushioning, two densities of FTF were utilized - a firmer density for stability around the perimeter of the FitBed and a softer density in the heel and forefoot providing industry-leading in-shoe comfort.
  • ChromoSkin™ Leather System by Pittards
    • Finally, D.N.A. DryJoys Next Advancement features the all-new ChromoSkin Leather System by Pittards® of England, one of the premiere suppliers of high performance leather in the world. This unique full grain leather system is supple, lightweight, thin-yet-durable and completely waterproof. By using this premium leather, the wearer will experience tremendous breathability and will find the upper will conform to their feet for an incredible custom fit.

As with every FJ product, D.N.A. golf shoes have received validation at the highest level. Several players received the shoe at the Presidents Cup and immediately wore it in competition, including Adam Scott, Webb Simpson and Jordan Spieth.

Adam Scott has worn D.N.A. golf shoes exclusively since September, including while competing at the 2013 Presidents Cup and during his three recent wins in Australia.

"D.N.A. is the most technologically advanced shoe FJ has ever produced and it embodies everything I am looking for in a golf shoe," said the world's #2 ranked player. "They actually activate my feet, giving me great balance throughout my swing."

Webb Simpson has also been wearing D.N.A. shoes since the Presidents Cup.

"You want a golf shoe that is comfortable and stable, and this gives you both. The new technology in the tongue and heel collar allows the shoe to mold to your foot, giving the golfer everything they will need on the course."

FJ - The #1 Shoe in Golf

  • Awesome shoes.  Comfortable right out of the box.  

    FJ has hit another home run with these.


  • Looks like another great shoe from FJ.

  • Where can I try a pair on?

  • That grey and orange is awesome.  Looks like FJ took a big step with this one and it just might be the biggest hit of 2014.......a walkers delight.....great colors......  ;-)

  • I'm so excited to order my pair! They look great!

  • Just awesome!  Can't wait to try them on!

  • I am excited by the new footbed in this model. I really like my FJs. If the fit could be more of a out of the box custom feel but reengineering the footbed that is a big step forward.

  • I have been interested in this shoe since I first heard about it last year.  It seems like a winner and will convert many to he FJ brands for sure.  Now to get mine on order so I can show them off and give people something to see first hand and promote the brand.  Good gob FJ, this one is a hit.

  • I have been waiting for this shoe to come out for a few months.  Going to be a for sure item in my closet and on the course.  Was a big fan of the XPS-1, and this shoe will replace that model for me.  Very good job FJ, you hit it right out the park with this one.  

  • They are even more impressive in hand than in pictures! Great new technology from the leader in shoes!

  • What a great release. I think the way FJ released this shoe was perfect.  A weekly teaser for all to take in and understand just how much went into the creation of this product.  I just wish I would have been selected to get them in peices.  What a cool keepsake to have.

    I can't wait to get a new pair on and get out and play.  

  • i need them in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!