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2014 Spring Apparel Collections

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Introducing the 2014 Spring Performance Apparel Collections from FJ, designed with the most discerning, performance driven golfer in mind.  FJ Apparel is made for the golfer who demands premium modern performance materials in traditional styling. 

"The 2014 Spring color stories make our most complete lineup of apparel to date," says Whitney Trimble, Director of FJ Apparel Marketing, "With the success of the previous color collections, we knew we were trending in the right direction with our vision. We have enhanced the line utilizing what we have learned over the past few years and applied it to our new designs."

The Boca Collection features pastel lavender, teal mist, and white.  The Nassau Collection marries bold yellow hues with classic navy, and white for an impeccably traditional look. Continuing, the Saratoga Springs collection combines, marine blue and seafoam green with black and white.  Lastly, the Tahoe Collection features a vivid hot pink with various shades of charcoal grey.   Each color story provides its wearer with the latest in apparel fashion and performance expected from FJ.

  • Saw the full catelog on display at Silver Lakes on the RTJ trail over the holidays, great colors and accessories.  Looking forward to the performance tshirts.

  • Great looking line!! can't wait. What is the fit on the new polo's? I thought I remember hearing the full cut was slimming down? I may be wrong though.

  • I love the Saratoga Springs collection!

  • The Boca and Nassau collections have some great combinations that will make their way to my closet.

  • Great collection. The bright spring color combos are cool.

  • I like the look of the new stuff, Thanks for sharing it :)

  • what online retailers carry the full 2014 spring collection?

  • Looking good!!!!  I wear FJ shirts and trousers to work as well as on the course.

  • We consider our line classic with modern detail and materials.  We already offer several shirts with fabrics variations and button orientations. Concerning your comment on our collars, we have different collars options because many golfers have a preference towards one or the other, I for one prefer the knit collar. Creating shirts with self collars only would surely hurt our business and narrow the amount of golfers who buy, wear, and enjoy our product.

    As for your comment on banded sleeves, we only currently offer two SKU's with that feature. We have 104 shirts without it.  We base our design decisions on what the golfing community as a whole are looking for and I must say we are very good at it.

    Also, any shirt in our line may be ordered with the FJ on the collar.  Your local pro can easily order the shirts for you, 3 piece minimum, one dollar for the logo.  Again, not everyone prefers having a FJ on their collar and it is far easier to add than take off.  

    Also, I am unsure what shirt you are referring to with "75 colors" on it.  Most of our shirts have at most two, three if you count black or white.  The colors are carefully picked to match current trends across the gamut of fashion.  

    Yours truly,