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Introducing DryJoys Casual from FJ

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Next Generation Spikeless Golf Shoe Performance

(Fairhaven, MA) - FootJoy, the #1 Shoe in Golf, introduces the all-new DryJoys Casual performance spikeless golf shoe.  DryJoys Casual is a natural extension of the storied DryJoys® footwear line, designed for the player who values an on-and-off course shoe yet still demands Tour-level comfort, support, and stability in golf footwear.

A new proprietary polymer outsole material called Fine Tuned Foam™ (FTF) was developed for the DryJoys Casual outsole unit. FTF is 10% lighter than conventional EVA Foams providing enhanced cushioning and shock absorption for added comfort. DryJoys Casual’s innovative design features two distinct layers of varying densities of FTF, each with specific characteristics.  These FTF layers are fused together to deliver comfort and create the most performance-driven spikeless outsole from FootJoy. The top layer of FTF is softer to provide the golfer with all day comfort. The lower/outer portion of FTF if firmer and gives the player perimeter stability around the foot for maximum support.  Finally, TPU skeletal traction strips are embedded within the FTF outsole material to provide the golfer with enhanced traction and lateral stability during the golf swing.

“Years of research have gone into the development of the FTF material,”says Mike Foley, Director of Product Management, FJ Footwear. “The result is a category of shoes that are luxuriously soft and comfortable but perform like nimble, high-end athletic footwear.  It was this combination of comfort and performance that attracted Hunter Mahan who was the first player to wear DryJoys Casual shoes on Tour, unveiling an early prototype at the Open Championship.”

DryJoys Casual shoes feature Extreme Comfort Leather™(ECL), developed in conjunction with Pittards®of England.  This super-soft premium leather contains a proprietary membrane-free waterproofing system and is 30% softer than previous generations of FJ performance leather.

DryJoys Casual will be initially available in three different color options.
    - White
    - Black
    - Dark Brown

Availability: December 15, 2013 for White and Black. Dark Brown will be available February 1, 2014.

Four additional colors will be added to the DryJoys Casual lineup in early Spring.

FJ The #1 Shoe in Golf

  • I can't wait to try them out. Looks like a high-quality shoe.

  • Definitely and interesting reinvention of the classic golf shoe.  I look forward to trying them on and potentially adding them to my rotation.

  • Have liked the look of these since seeing them a couple of months ago in the local rep's van.  Looking forward to seeing them in person and getting an idea of fit before purchasing any.

  • I think these are simply awesome!  Have seen them in person and they are one of my new favorites.  Can't wait to get a pair on my feet!

  • you know.....my first reaction was to pass.  but i have to admit, the more i see them, the more i'm starting to change my mind.  great looking shoe!

  • I have been looking at various shoes that I would want to use as a casual shoe when traveling and as a golf shoe ( prefer the look of traditional golf shoe - icons when playing) and I like this in the brown.  Can't wait to see the actual shoe, fit and comfort when released.  Concern is the sole and what the actual nubs are like.  will they be alright when walking on peoples carpets etc.  

  • Can't wait to try on a pair of those. They look great !

  • Wonder if they will do a size 6 uk &7 us or  eu 39/40??wide

  • Are they going to be available in extra wide?

  • Would all depend upon how the heel is situated.  Shoes will little or no raise in the heel area kill my legs.  Been a loyal DryJoy fan since they first came out.  These...will have to try them on and walk in them before I could say they are for me.  

  • Is this shoe the same exact construction as what the Pro's are wearing ?   I strongly doubt it !  The every day golfer golf shoes, I have found that after 18 holes ( WALKING ), the comfort has disappeared and the foot stress starts about the 14th hole.  It would be nice to know what the Pro's shoe construction or inserts actually are instead of the HIP “Pros wear this shoe”!

  • Robo23

    Nice looking shoes.  I'll bet there real comfortable as well.  When do the female versions come out?

  • They look great but I couldn't find women's sizes.

  • nice looking shoes, they look just like Tiger Woods shoes .

  • Looking Good!