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FJ Tour Insider : The Deutsche Bank Championship

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The FJ Marketing team was lucky enough to visit our tour players this week at TPC Boston.  Our agenda, to go over the players current shoe model and show them some new initiatives from FJ!  Player feedback was exactly what we expected...excitement! 

We also took a little time to snap some photos for your enjoyment!

  • Love seeing Webb in the Dryjoys tour. Great new leathers for the Myjoys. Love is Devin. Keep up the great work :)

  • The course is in great shape. I caddied in the ProAm yesterday and had Hendrick Stenson in our group.  He such a great guy and was getting the lay of the land as he hasn't played at TPC Boston since 2007.  He asked if I was familiar with the course and being a member I said yes.  He was asking me areas to hit and look out for throughout the round as well as some of the breaks on the greens.

    Towards the end of the round my family showed up to hang out for the day. Caddying was not on the original agenda but I was asked to carry for one of our guests. I couldn't say no. Once my family showed up Hendrick walked over to my boys and said hello.  He then said why don't you walk with your dad for the last 5 holes, so they did.  It was a great experience for them and they loved it.  My oldest son asked why he doesn't wear FJ shoes but plays Titleist balls.  I think he caught Hendrick off guard and said maybe he will have to give them a try.

  • Love the photos...I also like the shoes that Hunter Mahan is wearing in the photo!

  • FJ in action ! Always great to see....Like the additions - Leathers, Martinis and Top Secret Boxes !

  • awesome to see some of the pics from TPC.

    @Brian, great story!  

  • Open the darn boxes... Please!

  • Great shots guys! A nd I loved the leather swatches too. I just happened to order a pair of Icon Asymetricals with that Banana Croc pattern this week. Can't wait for those to arrive!

  • Charley Hoffman got  a haircut!!!  Does anyone have the back story behind why he went so long before getting the haircut?

  • Love those images!! Inspired for another pair of Asym's....:)

  • Great info, pics and insights.

    Hey Devin, what is the third swatch (blue?) in the leathers pic - something new ?

  • I think Charlie's daughter was getting her first haircut, so he cut his with her.

  • when do the boxes get opened?

  • Great job FJ!!!  

  • Great job FJ!!!  

  • PIling on.....let's see what's in the boxes :)