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Limited Edition Augusta Green MyJoys Sweepstakes

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The first major of the year is also the kick-off to the season for many players across the country. What better way to begin your season than with a fresh pair of limited edition FJ's?

To celebrate this year's tournament, we would like to offer you a chance to win custom MyJoys featuring our unique Limited Edition Augusta leather before it is available to the general public!

As Players, we have all played the famed course in our minds, so we want to hear your ultimate golf experience at Augusta.  Would it be: heading up Magnolia Drive? Putting a peg in the tee box at No. 1 and the anticipation of one of the most precious tee times in the world?  Making a birdie around Amen Corner? Walking over the Hogan bridge, where all of the legends have walked.  Seeing the Magnolia's in bloom?

HOW TO ENTER - Comment below telling us about your dream round, and you will be entered to win a pair of MyJoys with the Limited Edition Augusta Print leather (men's and women's, cleated and spikeless options available).

The period to enter will be Monday March 11, 2013 - Monday March 18, 2013 at 12:00 pm.  Three winners will be chosen at random March 18, 2013 following the sweepstakes period.

Void where prohibited. Open to US residents 18 years or older.  For additional rules and regulations click here

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  • My dream round would be with my husband.  He taught me how to play golf two years ago and now we spend more time together more than ever!

  • My dream round would be with my 2 sons who started playing golf when I introduced them to this great game when they were 6 and 8 years old: They are 36 and 38 now, and my wife who started playing last year and has become addicted to this game. My dream would also be to take them to Augusta and see the masters first hans as I have.

  • Dream round for me would be one where my Dad would play well and beat me without strokes. He tries so hard to play well and just always comes up short when he tries to beat me. I don't care what the course is but I want my Dad to know he can catch me.

  • My dream round would have to be played on Augusta National the week leading up to the Master so the 1st of August ideally.  The ground's crew has everything dialed in at this point leading up to the tournament and as most know the azaleas are typically in full bloom and are simply breathtaking.  My foursome would include moi, of course, along with my father, Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer.  What a round that would be and of course we would finish the day with a couple Arnold Palmers to boot.  Thanks for the chance at these always awesome shoes.  

  • I would start my visit with a nice slow drive up Magnolia Lane. I would definitely want to get a round in on the Par 3 course  before my beginning my round.

  • I would love to play a round with Bubba and my son. I would ask Bubba to use the big pink dog.  I would snap hook one on number #10 just to see if I could pull of the Bubba miracle wedge shot. We would all laugh when I sent my shot into the bushes out of bounds. This is my Augusta Dream.

  • marktee

    I would have to  say that my dream round would be full of emotion for me. It would take a very long plane ride and a classic van rental to get to the entryway.I would change into my footjoy made outfit and see the rest of my dream fivesome of Natalie Gulbis, Francis Quimet, Steve Stricker, and Hale Irwin. Francis and I would be in the back seat of one of those VW vans and  talk about our life story.The loser of our fivesome stroke play contest would drive us to the airport.The course would be Augusta National .It is such a wonderful looking course.We would tee it forward,but I think that one of us would become angry.I would try my best to complete with the 4 other people,but I would just take verbal jabs at my dream fivesome and hug them at the end of the round.Maybe Steve would treat us  to a cherry coke at a gas station outside the city limits.

  • being good enough to play in the masters would be a dream round

  • My dream round would be at Augusta with Jack Nicklaus, my dad, my brother and me.  It would be so great to watch the Golden Bear play and on such a beautiful course.

  • My dream round would consist of my Fallen Soldier Kyle Brett Wehrly (died fighting the War in Iraq leaving his wife and young daughter while protecting my freedom in 2005), my Grandpa Culver, and my father Jeppie L Harris III. Each one of these individuals has created, molded, or inspired me to become the proud citizen I have become.

  • My dream round would be at Laurelwood G.C. in Eugene, OR with my son, my dad, and my grandfather.  Laurelwood is a short but challenging 9 hole track where my grandpa taught me to play the game over 30 years ago.

  • Sunny and 74.  Cold drinks and good friends.  Augusta would make it perfect.  As long as I could net jet in before my round and net jet out after.

  • My dream round would be to play all 18 of Augusta National with the two biggest influences on why I started playing golf.  My dad and my grandfather and also have one legend play with us like a Jack Nicklaus.

  • Mine would have to be all the lefties - Mickelson, Bob Charles (of course), and Bubba - and me - we would hit fades all day long right to left and have am awesome day - would love to hear each of them recollect moments from their careers at Augusta and The Masters.  Lefties!

  • Dream round at Augusta would be with my two sons and Phi.