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Limited Edition Augusta Green MyJoys Sweepstakes

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The first major of the year is also the kick-off to the season for many players across the country. What better way to begin your season than with a fresh pair of limited edition FJ's?

To celebrate this year's tournament, we would like to offer you a chance to win custom MyJoys featuring our unique Limited Edition Augusta leather before it is available to the general public!

As Players, we have all played the famed course in our minds, so we want to hear your ultimate golf experience at Augusta.  Would it be: heading up Magnolia Drive? Putting a peg in the tee box at No. 1 and the anticipation of one of the most precious tee times in the world?  Making a birdie around Amen Corner? Walking over the Hogan bridge, where all of the legends have walked.  Seeing the Magnolia's in bloom?

HOW TO ENTER - Comment below telling us about your dream round, and you will be entered to win a pair of MyJoys with the Limited Edition Augusta Print leather (men's and women's, cleated and spikeless options available).

The period to enter will be Monday March 11, 2013 - Monday March 18, 2013 at 12:00 pm.  Three winners will be chosen at random March 18, 2013 following the sweepstakes period.

Void where prohibited. Open to US residents 18 years or older.  For additional rules and regulations click here

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  • Play Augusta with Arnie, Jack and Tiger. Of course we would all be in our prime of life! Make a twenty foot putt on 18 to win by one!

  • my dream round would be to play augusta with bubba, boo and JD it seem like it would be a fun round because we all are a little crazy

  • My dream round would be played with my dad, Zach Johnson, and Mike Weir. I would look forward to playing each hole and hearing their strategy and how they were feeling when they won. It would also include trying to have at least two birdies somewhere on the course - at amen corner would be great. The whole experience would be topped off with lunch in the clubhouse.

  • My dream round of golf would be: myself, my dad, Jack Nicklaus, and Steve Stricker. I would like to play at my home course, Burlington Country Club, the course I grew up playing.I know it seems kind of like a weird group. But I would chose my dad because he is the one who introduced the game of golf to me and taught me how to play, and everything I know about the game. Then I would chose Jack Nicklaus, because while growing up I always remember hearing my dad talk about him and how much fun he was to watch, and the best golfer of all time. Then Steve Stricker comes into the group, because me getting older and watching golf, and looking at everyone play, and different styles of play, and different golfers overall. My favorite golfer that plays now is hands down Steve Stricker. I just love watching him play and love watching him win or lose. He is such a class act and smart player. I think it would be amazing to be able to play with Steve and just be able to talk to him and Jack. I am currently in college playing golf, and through all of my years of education, I strongly believe that I would learn more in that 18 hole round with Steve Sticker, Jack Nicklaus, and my father then I did through all of my years of schooling. Me being a golfer in college and wanting to be as competitive as possible and make my game as good as I can, I know they would be able to teach me so many tricks and tools to improve in every aspect of the game.

  • In a group with G Mac, Poults and Westy. Any venue that has a great pub nearby!

  • My dream round would be on a warm spring day with my husband, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.  Of course I would beat all of them.  Hey, it is a dream round right?

  • My dream round would be at Augusta with my grandfather, Palmer, and Tiger.  


  • dream round of golf would be with my four long time buddies at The Golf Club in New Albany,Ohio

  • My dream round would be Augusta with my son Andrew, and best friends Bob and Fred.  It would be a sunny day in mid-April, just a week or so after the Masters.  The greens would still be running 13, the fairways firm, and the pins would be set in Sunday locations.  I have been lucky enough to see the Masters in person several times.  Last year Andrew and Fred joined me for a very warm Tuesday practice round.  What a wonderful place and a great tradition...  April at the Masters!

  • Since I'm dreaming, I'll say on the Sunday following the first full week of April with a ten-shot lead.


  • I want to walk the 18 holes and see for myself why each hole is named after a tree or a flower. On TV, the view around Augusta is so colorful. I;m sure seeing it with my own eyes will be much more fun.

  • My dream round would be just playing on a great course with my dad.  

  • My dream round is one that I have thought about often driving by the gates at Augusta. You see, I live 25 miles away in Thomson, GA and I always try to peek inside those gates when traveling downtown for visits, errands, etc. It is so close, yet so far from my grasp. I would have to honor my Daddy by having him choose his foursome. I'm sure he would have my brother and 2 close friends who he and my late uncle played with regularly. I would caddie and take all the pictures so they and myself would forever have this memory. And if Jack or Arnie stopped by, that would be awesome! Wouldn't mind a little Bubba either!

  • I play my dream round every year in april. Dreaming about walking in the footsteps of my golf heroes. Jack, arnie,tom, frddie, tiger. For it to be real would be unreal !