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Limited Edition Augusta Green MyJoys Sweepstakes

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The first major of the year is also the kick-off to the season for many players across the country. What better way to begin your season than with a fresh pair of limited edition FJ's?

To celebrate this year's tournament, we would like to offer you a chance to win custom MyJoys featuring our unique Limited Edition Augusta leather before it is available to the general public!

As Players, we have all played the famed course in our minds, so we want to hear your ultimate golf experience at Augusta.  Would it be: heading up Magnolia Drive? Putting a peg in the tee box at No. 1 and the anticipation of one of the most precious tee times in the world?  Making a birdie around Amen Corner? Walking over the Hogan bridge, where all of the legends have walked.  Seeing the Magnolia's in bloom?

HOW TO ENTER - Comment below telling us about your dream round, and you will be entered to win a pair of MyJoys with the Limited Edition Augusta Print leather (men's and women's, cleated and spikeless options available).

The period to enter will be Monday March 11, 2013 - Monday March 18, 2013 at 12:00 pm.  Three winners will be chosen at random March 18, 2013 following the sweepstakes period.

Void where prohibited. Open to US residents 18 years or older.  For additional rules and regulations click here

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  • Simply GOING to Augusta National would be the highest of highs. Playing a round there? Words couldn't describe it.

    But if I were allowed to dream for a moment, this is what I'd wish for, and what would be incredible. I would love to simply take a tour of the course, from the drive up Magnolia Lane, through the locker room, over to the practice facility, and then out to the course. I would love the tour to be hosted by 2 different golfers giving their own unique perspectives of the course. Those golfers would be Greg Norman and Phil Mickelson, my two favorite players over the years, with one being a multiple winner and one who never won a green jacket.

    I would want to soak in all their insights and comments. Hear the way they think about all the seemingly small nuances on the course, in the locker room, everywhere and everything. There is just so much history and so many memories, that I think taking the long slow walk, even without hitting a single shot, would be such an amazing experience. And to hear it from two great players from different generations in their own words would be beyond priceless.

  • Playing Pebble Beach with my son and my granddaughter and of course my favorite lefty Phil Mickelson.That would be a golfers dream game.Another lefty that I would like to play a round of golf with would be Bubba Watson.

  • Never been to Augusta National, so it would be a dream come true just to walk the course. Playing there is a dream on another level. I would be happy playing with anyone, but since it's my dream, i would want my Dad, and my 2 brothers Rob and Russ.

  • My dream round would include my 85 year old Dad who still plays well several times a week and my son. What a wonderful once in a lifetime experience it would be to play Augusta!

  • My dream round would be to play 18 holes of golf again with my father, he always taught me to respect the game and was my best teacher...

  • Who wouldn't want to play Augusta National.  If you play golf it is the Mecca.  I would have to share this with my husband and my best friend of more than  30 years.  We've seen each other through the tough times would have to share the best of times!

  • My dream would be to sink a birdie putt from the same location that Jack Nicklaus won his last Masters in that iconic moment.  I would even wear the classic pants.

  • Masters with Tiger, of course.

  • My dream round at Augusta would began just by begin able to play there. I would be playing with my brother, Bob, who I would probably beat for the first time, finally. Definitely would loose some Pro V1x in Raye's creek.

  • My dream round would be playing at Pebble Beach with my two favorite lefties Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson.I have watched them play for the past two years and since taking up the game that would be my dream round.

  • My dream round would be with my Dad.  Now that he's not here, any round would be special, but a round at Augusta would be over the top!  Scores wouldn't matter, just enjoying the surroundings and knowing you are walking on the same course as all of the legends.  We would wake up in one of the cabins and walk over to the clubhouse for breakfast and then to the range.  After a trip the putting green we would head to the course.  We would enjoy the stories from the caddies and whatever members were with us and make our own memories that would be retold thousands of times.  After the round we would stop in the clubhouse for a quick lunch before heading to the par 3 course.  After that we would maybe try to fit in another trip around the second 9 before getting ready for dinner in the clubhouse.  After dinner we would all sit around enjoying the stories from whoever is there before heading back to our cabin to end a magical day.

  • Playing Augusta anytime

  • I would have Lee Trevino...Tiger Woods, and Bill Murry. I would love to hear the stories Lee would tell, see up close the amazing talent and focus of Tiger, and be able to laugh at Bill with his distinctive outfits and humorus chatter...

  • My Dream round would be with Kelly Kapowski (from saved by the bell).  Johny Drama (from Entourage), the episode where he played with Tony Romo is hilarious.  The one pro I would throw in with us would be John Daly because, well just look at him, he is awesome.   Last person would have to be Gary Busey just to keep us entertained.

  • Would love to play on a day soon after the Masters. Just me and a caddy