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Community Only : M:Project Sweepstakes

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Would you like a chance to win the all new M:Project shoe from FJ before they hit store shelves?  Well here is your chance!

The M:Project shoe is all about feeling the ground during the swing, being "in-tune with what is underfoot." 

When you're out playing golf, what's the best feeling you have experienced? Is it a buttery 5 - iron with a slight draw? Is it the ocean breeze as you walk up the 18th? Draining a putt on the final hole to take home the days' bets?

Comment below telling us what your best feeling in golf is and you are entered to win!

Ladies out there? Please enter as well and if you win we will offer you a comparable shoe from our women's line! Unless you are willing to wait until June when the Ladies M:Project shoes will be ready to ship.

The period to enter will be Thursday January 31, 2013 - Friday February 8, 2013 at 12:00 pm.  Two winners will be chosen at random February 8, 2013 following the sweepstakes period.

Void where prohibited. Open to US residents 18 years or older.  For additional rules and regulations click here.

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  • The feeling when you catch the ball just right and it jumps off the clubface.

    Thanks for the chance.

  • The first day my daughter and I went out to hit balls at the range and that sound, feeling and elation when she had her first 'big' hit! She was 8 years old and instantly fell in love with golf!

    Later that day my daughter and I went to watch the TPC event in McKinney, TX where Morgan Hoffmann earned his PGA Card AND he threw my daughter his ball right after walking off of the 18th. GREAT DAY!!!

  • The feeling of an eagle from 150 yards out of the rough on the 10th hole at the Atlantic in Plymouth, Mass.

  • Hands down my best moment was playing golf with 3 of my best friends and getting my first hole in one.  The amount of excitement that they had for that moment was priceless, I couldn't have picked three better people to have with me when that happened.  I even got tackled by one of them!!  It was incredible.

  • Hitting a flush mid-iron with just enough bite to stick it close to the pin!

  • Best feeling in golf is to go through your putt routine- look down and see great golf shoes, then see your ball, feel the target line, release and don't lift your head until you hear the ball going into the cup!!

  • Best feeling in golf is when you strike the ball so pure with any club and the ball flies off the face without any feeling in your hands...that there is truly a pure shot!!!

  • The best feeling I have had in golf was not the hole in one i had but playing golf with my two sons the weekend before the Masters in 2012 then going to the Monday practice round with the tickets my son won in the lottery with them and my wife.  It was a great weekend and will live as my favorite time related to golf.  

  • The best feeling in golf is CONFIDENCE and knowing that your next shot is going right where you want it to.

  • Best feeling in the world is to strap on my footjoy shoes and put on my Spyder glove and kick some butt with my regular foresome on the weekends!

  • The best feeling in golf for me is walking with my son and brothers-in-law, an hour after sunrise, down the first few diamond soaked dewy fairways of Jekyll Island, awash in a tranquil emerald sea with golden beams streaming through a gentle fog.

  • The best feel in golf for me is a solid straight 3W or long hybrid that lands on the green close to the hole.  Even better if it is on a par 5 leaving a short putt for eagle.

  • the best feeling that i had was the FJA Invitational of this year. it was the first time that i have met some of the other ambassadors in person. it also was the first time that i have seen some of the products that wont come out for years. the only bad thing that happened thet weekend was the weather what made my group only play 7 holes but it was still the best time i have had

  • The best feeling playing a round with my Dad and having my oldest son caddy.  I get to enjoy the whole course in the best feeling shoes, while experiencing the interaction of my son and my Dad.  Regardless of how I play, I know it is a lifelong experience my son will have and hopefully never forget.

    Just to clarify my son's definition of cadding, as it is slightly different than most.  

    His includes a sprite and grenadine with a cherry in the cup holder, full control of driving the cart for the day, assisting the foresome by taking pin flags when he can as well as leaving all of the drivers on the tee box, regardless of the par on the hole.  Sometimes you will find you driver well positioned on a 165 yard par 3, but at least the effort is there.

    Thank you for listening,


  • The best feeling in golf for me is with the driver!  A dogleg and you fly the corner, carry the sand or water that everyone else is worried about landing in. You know it right at impact, you will carry any trouble and have a sandwedge in.  I love hitting driver!!!