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Community Only : M:Project Sweepstakes

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Would you like a chance to win the all new M:Project shoe from FJ before they hit store shelves?  Well here is your chance!

The M:Project shoe is all about feeling the ground during the swing, being "in-tune with what is underfoot." 

When you're out playing golf, what's the best feeling you have experienced? Is it a buttery 5 - iron with a slight draw? Is it the ocean breeze as you walk up the 18th? Draining a putt on the final hole to take home the days' bets?

Comment below telling us what your best feeling in golf is and you are entered to win!

Ladies out there? Please enter as well and if you win we will offer you a comparable shoe from our women's line! Unless you are willing to wait until June when the Ladies M:Project shoes will be ready to ship.

The period to enter will be Thursday January 31, 2013 - Friday February 8, 2013 at 12:00 pm.  Two winners will be chosen at random February 8, 2013 following the sweepstakes period.

Void where prohibited. Open to US residents 18 years or older.  For additional rules and regulations click here.

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  • Billb

    Playing a match with your buddies and having a 6 hole carryover and making a hole-in-one(with a Titleist Ball) and then looking at them and saying "Those are gimmies".

  • The best feeling in golf is when I finish a round and my feet don't hurt from my FJ shoes! Daddy needs a new pair of FJ,s!

  • My best feeling is the shot you just hit is the one that you visualized in your mind. When it comes off it is indescribable.

  • Best feeling when you hitter loooooooooooooooooooong.

  • The best feeling on a golf course is thinking of the shot, having the confidence to try it, and then doing it the way I envisioned!  

  • The start of a new round -- standing on the first tee with endless possibilities in front of you. A good drive, a walk in the fairway with friends, enjoying the game.

  • My best feeling, each and every time I tee it up.....

    It's looking down and seeing my FJ Icons on my feet. I think of how great they look, and how my base will be solid through every swing, shot, and putt. Best shoes ever....

  • Definitely watching my Dad hit a great shot or make a long putt.

    Thanks for introducing me to the game of golf.  RIP :(

  • The best feeling is the feeling of hitting catching the ball perfectly on the 3rd groove of your club, and seeing the ball  fly in a little left to right butter draw leaving you an easy birdy put.

  • Watching your buddy stick one tight and then throwing a dart that puts theirs to shame is the BEST!!!

  • The best feeling on the golf course is when the group says..."okay, another 9 it is!"  All day golf marathons are the best.  (Dang, we have to wait until JUNE for the women's shoes?  Cruel!!) :)

  • My best feeling in golf, I enjoy walking and talking with my son ( autistic kid) in the golf course . we have a good time together all long walk 7 km.. I do not care what score he can do. I love to teach him and see his swing.  

  • 4-5 hours out with my buddies.  No cellphones just golf.

  • Golf is Life for me ! The moment i start the game at any hour of the day,the best part is that i completly forget what tension i have in me * Its a kind of meditation for me,relaxes my mind to the core ..& YES walking down the fairway with a little dew drops is a bliss ,adding some fresh air is completly mind blowing

  • Best feeling is playing  alone  on a beautiful course like Spyglass Hill    with no one ahead and no one behind, enjoying the gorgeous setting, the crack of the ball off the tee through a chute of pine trees, the deer roaming the course, the sense of melting into the environment with nothing but the natural sounds around...no chatter from other players, no pressure, no hurry.