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Community Only : M:Project Sweepstakes

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Would you like a chance to win the all new M:Project shoe from FJ before they hit store shelves?  Well here is your chance!

The M:Project shoe is all about feeling the ground during the swing, being "in-tune with what is underfoot." 

When you're out playing golf, what's the best feeling you have experienced? Is it a buttery 5 - iron with a slight draw? Is it the ocean breeze as you walk up the 18th? Draining a putt on the final hole to take home the days' bets?

Comment below telling us what your best feeling in golf is and you are entered to win!

Ladies out there? Please enter as well and if you win we will offer you a comparable shoe from our women's line! Unless you are willing to wait until June when the Ladies M:Project shoes will be ready to ship.

The period to enter will be Thursday January 31, 2013 - Friday February 8, 2013 at 12:00 pm.  Two winners will be chosen at random February 8, 2013 following the sweepstakes period.

Void where prohibited. Open to US residents 18 years or older.  For additional rules and regulations click here.

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  • My best feeling is beeing on in two on a long par five dogleg left. Left is always my hardest, and I know if I'm patient in my backswing this par will be the first of many.

  • Best feeling is striking the ball off the tee box and just picking up my tee and walking off, because I know I just crushed it and it went exactly  where I wanted it to.

  • The best feeling in golf, is the perfect timing from that little, almost imperceptible push off the right instep, as you drill that 3 wood that carries just over the bunker, and rolls to within 3 feet for eagle, on a 598 yard par 5 !

  • Getting up early and walking 18 holes.  Love the feeling of finishing the round walking.


  • The best Feeling is when I'm Walking Down the Fairway Early in the Morning, Knowing that the worst Day golfing is Better than The Best Day at Work...

  • The best feeling in golf is hitting a pure shot.

  • It was at my favourite course, Otter Creek, with my favourite playing partner. It was a beautiful sunny day and we were both excited to be playing. We came up to the beast of a par five 6th hole; measuring in at an intimidating 565y that day. I used my 983K driver to stripe my drive down the center of the fairway. My DT Solo came to rest on a sun soaked spot roughly 350y away. After sizing up my approach of about 205y I looked at my black Titleist carry bag, gleaming nicely in the sun, and grabbed out my DCI990 8 iron. After a mighty-but controlled-swing and watching that Solo soar through the  air it ended up at the back of the green, awaiting my arrival. What I would find is a 60ft triple-breaking-knee-knocking putt for a glorious eagle-first of that year. After I read my putt and decided on my line I knelt down to aim that DT Solo logo with that intended line. I then stood up, completed my pre-putt routine and with a confident shoulder sway I sent my ball on it's way. 60 ft of triple bending anxiety later I had my triumphant eagle. Driver, 8 iron, 60ft putt. All Titleist product all 565 sunny yards of it. Thanks for the memories guys!

  • Standing on the first tee of a golf tournament, butterflies in your stomach. The starter calls your name, nerves so strong your hands are shaking. Tee up the ball, look at the target and pull the trigger. All of the nerves go away while walking to down the fairway.  That, Footjoy, is the best feeling in golf.

  • When you tee it up on the first tee, then send it screaming down the center of the fairway, the walk as you leave the tee knowing that once again you're enjoying the one thing that brings satisfaction and joy to your life.  Golf!!!

  • Best feeling is enjoying a round with great friends.  Having great laughs and cigars makes me enjoy being out on the course.  I could be playing good or bad but as long as you have good griends that you can laugh even at youself that is what makes me enjoy golf so much.  

  • The best feeling in golf was watching my son get his first ace, while he was my partner in one of our club tournaments. Best feeling in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • To get out on a beautiful day and spend time with my family while playing a round is as good as it gets !

  • The best feeling I can think of is watching you 13 year old son get his first of two hole in ones in the same year. There is no better feeling!!!!!

  • Making the final putt to win the vital match play game 1 Up for your team

  • The best feeling is walking up the 18th knowing that you have broken the school record. Then you get to the green having to make par and the putt goes in for birdie to shoot 66! Win the tournament! Best feeling ever